Removing Black Backgrounds from Muzzle Flashes iMovie Tutorial

Removing Black Backgrounds from Muzzle Flashes iMovie Tutorial

Click here to see all my fantastic iMovie tutorials Playlist! In this video I teach you how to remove black backgrounds for muzzle flashes in iMovie. I will go over problems people have when pre-keyed footage is being imported with black backgrounds, and talk about lining up the muzzle flash with the gun. I also announce my 2nd Channel coming out this winter and include my great photobucket page of movie assets for you. My free muzzleflashes, as gifts to you. Download them here: Sometimes the Action Essentials 2 Effect will not play, or will freeze when you tell iMovie to play. This is normal. The reason it freezes is the high quality special effect combined with the video is a lot for iMovie to keep track of. iMovie is not a very powerful program compared to other movie editing software. Don’t worry about the freezing. All what matters is how your video looks at the end, not how iMovie plays it. Another Great Tutorial Back up link: Multiple Picture in Picture tutorial Positioning Green Screens in iMovie

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25 responses to “Removing Black Backgrounds from Muzzle Flashes iMovie Tutorial”

  1. AL00ZER says:

    Where are you having trouble? Did you read the video description?

  2. eduardo cruz saleta says:

    stills black help!!

  3. EirikMagic says:

    Thank you!

  4. tbone andphillie says:

    really helped. thanks!

  5. Minnesota Burns says:

    Thanks, didn’t realize that.

  6. AL00ZER says:

    Read the description. Is that the problem you are having?

  7. Minnesota Burns says:

    Help! When I do mine the effect is only one photo!

  8. christian martin says:

    nice bro

  9. Luca Menasveta says:

    me too

  10. TechHelp4YouOnly says:

    I LOVE YOU <3

  11. A fluffy BUNNY says:

    i have no idea then. sry bro. as soon as i get software to record screens ill make a tutorial. ill tell you when i do.

  12. AL00ZER says:

    Just use your favorite way to import footage you know. Where in the video are you having trouble? Type down the time.

  13. saintsrowboy123 says:

    how did you get your new exported movie into your bar down below?

  14. AL00ZER says:

    I hope you watched the entire video. Anyways, explosions in iMovie never really look that good in my opinion. Nice work trying to do this with an explosion though. Good to know. Usually people just use this for muzzleflashes. 🙂

  15. brooksbrothersx3 says:

    i tried to do this for an explosion but the black willl still appear!

  16. SuperJoey126 says:

    This video was GREAT!!!! Now I can finally do muzzle flashes on imovie!!!

  17. Baconoffury says:

    as long as your happy

  18. AL00ZER says:

    Hell yah!!! 😀

  19. Baconoffury says:

    I just helped you reach your goal

  20. SFMfilmz says:

    it didn’t work for me:(

  21. Goldion Widjaja says:


  22. FullEcLipCEPs3 says:

    you could also just click on the unkeyed effect then click disallow black

  23. ComicMasterz says:

    it really works!!!! i will use this until i get adobe premiere pro cs6

  24. VitorCrafter says:

    i did exactly what the guy on the video did

  25. A fluffy BUNNY says:

    if so, check it 

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