HTML & CSS3 Fixed Website Headers Tutorial

HTML & CSS3 Fixed Website Headers Tutorial

In this tutorial I teach you how to add a fixed header to your website using HTML & CSS3. This is really useful for websites and is used by a lot of the most…

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23 responses to “HTML & CSS3 Fixed Website Headers Tutorial”

  1. Ignace de sutter says:

    i added a background image instead of a color and if i try to add the
    content it does not appear on the html site help please?

  2. Kyle Gallamore says:

    This is very neat, thank you for this video!

  3. Mark Reuyan says:


  4. Jaspreet Dhanjan says:

    Thanks for the upload btw 🙂

  5. Mircea Pop says:

    No CSS3 there, you’re such a noob.

  6. Shane Cote says:

    No one cares, lol…

  7. Lukasj013 says:

    Agree with you Man !

  8. hoketero says:


  9. Jaspreet Dhanjan says:

    Can you please have a full screen recording?

  10. Yılmaz Khan says:

    EdzJohnson you look like Elton John…awesome ! 😛

  11. TheUmpGamingNL says:

    Can you make a login system ? Please i realy want to see that

  12. Prantik Dey says:

    Can you please teach me how to use frame HTML

  13. Mark Ferguson says:

    Ed Rocks! I love this enthusiasm

  14. ahano says:

    Great tutorials johnson. How do i insert a logo to the fixed header ? 🙂

  15. Naiky23run says:

    You are awesome !

  16. Tantowi Jauhari says:

    thanks for the tutorials!! good luck for you 😉

  17. Roger Nystad says:


  18. vKyaaal says:

    Its pretty easy in flash. Look up a tut for that.

  19. milan215 says:

    at what part of this is css3?

  20. Ivandro Ismael says:

    thank you

  21. asaad sayed says:

    how to make a free domain name like .com or .net or make the website
    online? if we cant this well be shit tell please

  22. Christijan Knezevic says:

    you don’t have to install anything, you could install notepad++ so if you
    failed in anything it will say, everybody can fail even professionals!

  23. Dann Koren says:

    Yay ^^

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