Tutorials – Color Flashing Tutorial – After Effects

Tutorials - Color Flashing Tutorial - After Effects

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13 responses to “Tutorials – Color Flashing Tutorial – After Effects”

  1. rockdevastator says:

    this is not what im looking for 🙁

  2. F8TALEDITING says:


  3. spyshocker says:

    i wanted a audio synced flashes

  4. vCarbons says:

    Thumbs up if you clicked the Don’t Click annotation! 🙂

  5. WhoFlex says:

    why is ur bar on your computer look light that i want it

  6. xCobalt1 says:


  7. NikeGaveMeLuck says:

    Lol calm down. Fuckkkk

  8. imDrewskyy says:

    We love you Zebo <3

  9. y0Melo says:


  10. NikeGaveMeLuck says:

    Hey Zebo! Would you be able to make a tutorial on how to download Adobe After Affects CS5 for free? Bye!

  11. PreApprovedHD says:

    give us some free stuff, we dont wanna pay for effects -_-

  12. TheTGJM says:

    i want that background so hard

  13. iScopeZxHD says:

    hey these lines come up on my screen and it says Video Copilot any help?

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