Origami Fireworks (Yami Yamauchi) – long version

Origami Fireworks (Yami Yamauchi) - long version

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16 responses to “Origami Fireworks (Yami Yamauchi) – long version”

  1. gymnatic108 says:

    i make 16 minutes only!! so reallly easy ,especially when making collapse fold !

  2. antoine james says:

    c hiper dur

  3. Meli ann says:

    i died mentally, became agressive, depressive til i suceeded doing this. it took me half a day

  4. normamaqueda209 says:

    Need help

  5. normamaqueda209 says:


  6. normamaqueda209 says:


  7. Guy Babin says:


  8. Ascensió Arjona Pulido says:

    Jo el vaig aprendre amb aquest vídeo i el que han publicat ara va molt bé. És senzill de fer, però el paper ha de ser fort i flexible.

  9. Pablo Fernandez says:

    el papel tiene que ser duro, la puta que te pario podrias avisar, me cague haciendolo una hora y cuando llego a la parte de unirlos me cabe porque eran muy finitos para bancarsela

  10. Al-Bader Bu-Hamad says:

    btw for ppl who saks which paper to use. i used small squar notes

  11. Al-Bader Bu-Hamad says:

    i made 3 of it. nice vid Liked

  12. melymilan says:

    Troooooppoooooo belloooooo lollissimisssimisssimo

  13. eduardo silva rezende says:


  14. Alejandro Esparza says:

    It’s awesome

  15. Alejandro Esparza says:

    Your cool

  16. ronnielibby says:

    I made it and for this project do not use thin paper

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