UVW Unwrap – 3DS Max 2013 Tutorial – Level: Intermediate

UVW Unwrap - 3DS Max 2013 Tutorial - Level: Intermediate

Tutorial on how to unwrap a character for texturing. In 3DS Max 2013.
Video Tutorial Rating: 4 / 5

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14 responses to “UVW Unwrap – 3DS Max 2013 Tutorial – Level: Intermediate”

  1. KevinHarper3DArtist says:

    Glad I could help.

  2. xBlitz88 says:

    Freaking awesome tutorial my friend! No more normal mapping from back/front, top/bottom, and all that B.S. Always hated doing it that way as getting non stretched UVs was always a pain. Doing vehicles this way should be substantially easier.

  3. SandersKevideo says:

    I’m basically studying ICT & Media design but am currently doing a minor in Game Design, I’ve really come to enjoy the 3d part. I’m studying at Fontys university of applied science, in The Netherlands

  4. KevinHarper3DArtist says:

    You are very welcome. Where are you studying game design?

  5. SandersKevideo says:

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial. Really helpful, I’m definitely recommending it to my fellow game students here. It’s gonna help me a bunch unwrapping my models.

  6. coAdjointTom says:

    thank you thank you!

  7. KevinHarper3DArtist says:

    These days are over my friend… woohoo!

  8. dasten123 says:

    very nice tutorial 🙂
    I remember the time I spent days on uvw unwrapping by tweaking every single face separately lol

  9. Rubafix989 says:

    Nice! Hard to find good tuts for those new unwarp functions. Thank you

  10. KevinHarper3DArtist says:

    You are welcome.

  11. Ross Walker says:

    I like you Kevin 🙂 Your a good man.
    One of the easiest to follow tutorials I’ve seen on this subject (And god there are plenty). Thank you for taking the time to share this.

  12. KevinHarper3DArtist says:

    @TheLennard23 You are welcome. You can subscribe for more but I will be putting out tutorials aimed at more advanced users.

  13. TheLennard23 says:

    This helped me sooo much! Thank you !

  14. darylbradbury says:

    none the less, the whole unwrapping process was very well explained. very good sir. did anyone notice the arnold shwartzeneger voice (how ever you spell it)?

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