CSS Classes and Styling Images: Dreamweaver CS3 Tutorial

CSS Classes and Styling Images: Dreamweaver CS3 Tutorial

Check this video out at Hi-Res here: http://www.tutvid.com/tutorials/dreamweaver/tutorials/cssAndImages.php In this video we will cover CSS classes and the c…

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22 responses to “CSS Classes and Styling Images: Dreamweaver CS3 Tutorial”

  1. Eleanor Humphries says:

    Very helpful video. Thank you.

  2. Felician Galgau says:

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  4. Kankerzwijn says:

    Great tutorial!! Actually when you make a mistake, we learn alot by you seeing it fixing it!
    Greetz from Holland!

  5. imfreeareyou says:

    Now I knew how to style my images Thank you for this tutorial.

  6. guyjohn59 says:

    you probably used an anchor tag because thumbnails are usually linked to larger images

  7. vishakarethiva says:

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  8. apper2112 says:

    Love your tutorials. I am sure you ignore the bad comments man. Those people are anchors with no sense of humour..lol

  9. fatecguaratingueta says:

    hello, man, you ‘re a master css!

  10. Hugh Gulland says:

    Thanks for these, finding your tuts really helpful

  11. phrenic13 says:

    ctrl + z can be the most important shortcut, lol

  12. Paige Arias says:

    Great work dude.
    I love your voice. Ha.

  13. Kaspar Kallasmaa says:

    good work, 5 points

  14. Dave Patheyjohns says:

    Back to training school for you. Best to rehers before posting. lol

  15. Adam Orban says:

    Great vid, but lol at 14:20

  16. J Fud says:

    Why not just do the drop shadow on the original images instead of dealing with 2 seperate images? The outcome would be the same.

  17. J Fud says:

    u sound like Charlie Sheen =)

  18. Poonam Sharma says:

    I love your videos and I feel it is good that you do not record rehearsed page, I feel my mind also working with tutorial as I also fall in these type of problems and your video teach me how to correct.
    I learned so many tips from your videos, Thanks a lot.

  19. DefyPerfectionFilms says:

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  20. kiwibiwi says:

    the tutorials are great but i WISH you would decide what you are going to say before you record them because you say one thing then realise you are wrong and have to go back quite a lot and it gets confusing for new people !

  21. samscouto says:

    Can anyone tell me what is the best program to record this type of presentation. I just have to do an presentation like this to an website and i dont know wich program is the best.

  22. BOZMAHAL says:

    thanks for sharing your knowledge, you are a great person.
    with courage, that most of us we dont have that courage for sharing information and instead of being quiet and learning we treat great people like you by sarcasm. thanks alot for your time

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