XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 10 – Resizing Images

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 10 - Resizing Images

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23 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 10 – Resizing Images”

  1. korbin3lewis says:

    lol sorry i was typing .jpeg for my image not jpg lol noob mistake

  2. korbin3lewis says:

    it wont work for me on my web browser it doesnt show up

  3. Xian Li says:

    Story of my life

  4. jerryand100 says:

    I wasted ten minutes finding an online image resizer, saving the new image onto my computer, and hunting it down to put it into the right folder so it didn’t take up the whole page… then I watched this video and felt stupid -_-

  5. nipuni malsara says:

    thank u

  6. Tulanir1 says:

    And while doing that imagine two bucky’s talking to each other 😀

  7. Tulanir1 says:

    It’s SOOO FUNNY to put this video on another tab and playing both of them on a differnet time 😀

  8. Michael Linehan says:

    Anyone know why my images don’t show up on ,y website?… Whenever I add an image it’s just a blank image with a red x on it

  9. specialnogo says:

    The list is growing! We should hire someone expert to do it,

  10. RTWrename says:

    is it just me or his greetings was kinda strange???!?!!?!?!

  11. sweetpeaxo31 says:

    yep! same folder, full name. it’s outline is showing, but the picture itself is not.

  12. Matvei Kazin says:

    hahaha @ThiSH

  13. Jonyxer says:

    Are you sure it’s in same folder? And you typed whole name

    Example: “Lolcat7.jpeg” make sure you have jpeg at ending.

  14. sweetpeaxo31 says:

    my .jpeg will not display on my link when i save and refresh! help!

  15. Task OneThreeThreeSeven says:

    actually, two of them 😀

  16. OMGtechy says:

    Unless you’re using vector graphics, this isn’t possible due to the the way images like bitmaps work.

  17. infintiyward says:

    i kept on trying to move the window that popped up at 1:17 so i could see his xhtml hahahhaa

  18. MrNeil1030 says:

    xHtml is the same thing as html, its eXtensive hyper text markup language, neat in code, a few syntax differences.

  19. MrNeil1030 says:

    xHtml is eXtensive. More neater :P

  20. Jamsterkid1 says:

    hes trying to show us the basics of html before he adds the xhtml or css

  21. TheSplendidSpiders says:

    You said parameter. You miss computer programming.

  22. panmetallica123 says:

    ive a question…this is very educational, informative and very cool too but anyone can make a website using yolasite right?

  23. Superswarnkamal says:

    bucky is the best tutor…he is funny and friendly… m/ keep it up… 🙂

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