HTML Tutorial: Publishing Your Website

HTML Tutorial: Publishing Your Website

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20 responses to “HTML Tutorial: Publishing Your Website”

  1. crazyboonana says:

    He means that you have to upload your .html file under public_html.

  2. lauri0202 says:

    Why Is there No Button In google “Publish Site” Why it needs to be that difficult?

  3. Cikgu Izzuddin says:

    what does it mean “Open your website index.html file” ?

  4. The Vector says:

    can you edit your website AFTER publishing it? :)

  5. The Vector says:

    try saving images as .jpg files, and then while coding do this:
    img src=”imagename.jpg” if it doesnt work im sorry, try some
    other pictures :/

  6. Adishwar Golchha says:

    thanks a lot

  7. RINCE B says:

    thanks it helps a lot

  8. Blondandbubbly11 says:

    My images aren’t showing up. 🙁 please help me.

  9. Isaiah Scoots says:

    thank you 1 more sub and like

  10. Shae Hatton says:

    go to where it says: “Members Area” thats where you log back in from. 🙂

  11. reptiliamaster says:

    mp3 files cant go through the upload file process

  12. Karltroid MineCrafter says:

    How do you log back in, all it says is to sign up there is no button to log in.

  13. elise de viell says:

    amazingly helpful to me and my first attempt at setting up a website! I hadnt a clue!!

  14. BeAsTyMoNsTeRs says:

    Great video you should be more popular

  15. Pawan Vishwakarma says:

    really awesome video…
    it was pretty helpful to me…

  16. realwarful says:

    very good

  17. Bryan Dimas says:

    gigafide. /user/gigafide made this tut

  18. PhisWord says:


  19. dragossshadow says:


  20. dragossshadow says:


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