XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 35 – Overriding Styles

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 35 - Overriding Styles

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14 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 35 – Overriding Styles”

  1. Mistermaarten150 says:

    I don’t think there are any better tutorials on youtube than Bucky’s.

  2. nipuni malsara says:

    thank u

  3. Cj Vaans says:

    It would be cool if you could make a tutorial on making a website using xhtml, css, and javascript.

  4. Tarrjue says:

    He posted the comment a year ago, right after it was uploaded.

  5. CSMCProject says:

    Poor half viewer…

  6. newbie20111 says:

    its for the link 🙂

  7. B1KMusic says:

    Kind of

    The cascading in CSS is like the extends keyword in java, inheritance provides a sort of default that can be overridden at any time

  8. B1KMusic says:

    if one page in your five-thousand page website is legal information, then you need to make the style different, since legal copy is serious business. You probably still want your nav bar at the top, otherwise people would get annoyed that it is so inconsistent. Why would you make a whole new css when you can call the same one and override the funky orange text and vomit.png background with formal black text and a white background, just for that occasion. That is the point of overriding

  9. B1KMusic says:

    which is one view per minute

  10. Ruxandra Panainte says:

    Only if you always put the reference to donkey.css in the head the first. Then it will work as a default styling. If there is some styling after that, between the style tags, it will be applied. If not, it will use the ‘default’ external style sheet. I think external sheets are more of a general rule (since you can apply them to more than one page) but, as you see, just the order in the source code counts. 🙂

  11. Freeze3108 says:

    Of Course U don’t

  12. bargasens says:

    hey bucky why is that this code shall be like this in donkey.css


  13. earthsbrawler says:

    So the donkey.css is like a default?

  14. FTD0Productions says:

    you could put the part you want diffrent into a container and change the things you want doing that.

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