XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 33 – Pseudo Elements

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 33 - Pseudo Elements

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19 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 33 – Pseudo Elements”

  1. Noa Man WORKOUT says:

    that thing doesnt work with SPAN i dont know why ? :o

  2. warren010h says:

    POO lmao

  3. Suyash Nepal says:

    doesn’t this work for headers h1,h2 and such

  4. Jason Blesing says:

    Bucky, 2011: “My tutorials are way better than reading books. What idiots!”
    Bucky, 2011: “But I know they exist because I read about them.”

  5. Kakali Mahapatra says:

    Hello Bucky… I have recently started watching your xtml/css videos and
    they are just great !! Thank you so so much… I am very new to this and
    your videos being so simple yet funny help me learn things fast and also
    make it interesting. Thank you…

  6. [GM]Kami says:

    If you have total 6 paragraph, how do I only apply the first letter of the
    first paragraph to stand out?

  7. XxxChrisTheBestxxX says:

    ROFL….POO in spanish means “programacion orientada a objetos”,and in
    english it means “Object oriented programming”. Dont get the wrong idea

  8. David John says:

    the POO spelling, the P P and the OH BILLY were really nice additions to
    the tutorial 🙂 i am learning a lot by these tutorials.

  9. Kryppuk says:

    a:hover, a:visited and a:active are actually also pseudo-elements. By the
    way, they have that name because they aren’t actually elements – there’s no
    tag for the first letter in a paragraph, for example (obviously – it would
    be stupid if you had to put a tag around the first letter every time) – so
    it’s technically not an (X)HTML element, hence the “pseudo”, but you can
    still apply styles to it.

  10. ThePtownbeast says:

    When were these tutorials serious?

  11. TheMusicEnergy says:

    Can someone explain,please? I have one paragraph attached to the class and
    this thing that Bucky showed didn’t apply to that paragraph with a class.I
    would be gratefull if someone explains how to fix this.

  12. Varg Vikernes says:

    For the first time ever on these tuts I got really confused within the
    first minute.

  13. Flutur Sumbru says:

    If you want to style the first letter inside each paragraph and you have
    like 100 paragraphs inside a page, which do you think it’s better? Using
    span (you actually have to insert the span element 100 times in html) or
    using a pseudo element (which is only a one-time insert inside css)?
    …Well that’s why. Once you get used to it it’s rather simplistic.

  14. simoo metalick says:

    bilyyy zD

  15. fookie735 says:

    did u say: “oh billy” from slaughterhouse five cuz it sounds just like that

  16. Vipul Purohit says:

    Hey bucky bro. We can also use span tag to style a particular letter or
    particular line. Then why use this complicated pseudo elements?

  17. David Hasselhoff says:

    Thank you for teaching me about pp and poo!!

  18. Hermann Stordal says:

    I want to like your comment, but it has 69 likes, and it would be a shame
    to ruin that.

  19. DCayable says:

    I am trying to get my friend into your tutorials and this is the first one
    I showed him. After hearing you moan “Oh, billy!” he won’t take me

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