XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 42 – Drop Down Lists

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 42 - Drop Down Lists

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25 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 42 – Drop Down Lists”

  1. Rackatan says:

    This is like the equivalent of a college education man.

  2. Bryan Mulvey says:

    We don’t want to have a check box with a fictional number of countries on it…

  3. Bryan Mulvey says:

    Or just keep making videos?

  4. Ian Zane says:

    Teach a possum…to tangooo…..

    Buddy…you’re awesome.

  5. misterMewdyNL says:

    Who needs a book now we have youtube 🙂

  6. nipuni malsara says:

    thank u

  7. Ramoninie says:

    You just got another subscriber 😀 GJ man!

  8. Serge Bogdanov says:

    The correct way to spell is actually “Opossum”. Possum is just a lazy american’s way of pronouncing it 🙂 (Hey, im an american) 🙂

  9. Robert Nickels says:

    But what if I want that list ended at one point so that i can scroll? I dont want an extremly long list 🙁

  10. Haris Farooq says:

    1 person is OUT OF ORDER 😉

  11. ValeV008 says:

    I dont remember what i did, but I certantly fixed the problem. Thanks anyway for your help. 🙂

  12. EpicMultiFailure says:

    Is their a fast way on creating an age drop box list? Else you need to write 99 times the option tags, close them, give them a value.. Is their a shortcut?

  13. EpicMultiFailure says:

    Make sure you closed the option tag, you did that?

  14. Yume Hasu says:


  15. ValeV008 says:

    For me, the options look like this:
    “play the guitar”
    ” ” (empty line)
    “comb your hair”
    ” ”

    Why is that and how can I fix it?

  16. austininflorida says:

    The correct spelling is opossum. It can be pronounced either way, but for everyone’s sanity please pronounce it the way it is spelled.

  17. TheStudentist says:

    Youtube’s net worth : $ 1 million, Youtube’s net worth with bucky : $ 100 million

  18. meatyokralp says:


  19. icommentonvideos1 says:

    Hahahaha maybe im just immature but im pretty sure that at 4:10 Bucky says “Play the guitar, comb your hair, SHIT….” Tell me if im wrong XD

  20. Gabe Coronado says:


  21. flashmouse2 says:

    ok i will thx. :)

  22. Gabe Coronado says:

    That would be javascript. :)

  23. flashmouse2 says:

    what kind of series should i watch now if i want to create my own website java tutorial or something?

  24. Roshan Pal says:

    We all hate reading. Videos are much better.

  25. MAVII06 says:


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