Apple iMovie Tutorial | How to Edit Your Video

Apple iMovie Tutorial | How to Edit Your Video

How to edit your video in iMovie to make it a hit on YouTube, made for the YouTube help Center, “call for submissions”. A great video tutorial that guides you through the steps to easily add titles, make edits, add transitions and music to your video. iMovie is a great and user friendly editing program which has a very easy to use interface. I will walk you through the interface so you can edit your own video for YouTube

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7 responses to “Apple iMovie Tutorial | How to Edit Your Video”

  1. Animationstudiozz says:

    how do you get imovie hd?

  2. Chase Walker says:

    At 1:04 epic insidious scene

  3. Roxy Inu says:

    Ahh, it’s creepy…

  4. CaptainGamertag says:

    anyone else notice there was another one behind her hair at 1:04 ?

  5. MAHanson1 says:

    Thanks! That was just what I was looking for. Very helpful.

  6. CuteGumDrops says:


  7. rickysquid123 says:

    Did you make this video. With I movie?

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