Lightroom 4 Tutorial: Editing Raw Wedding Photos

Lightroom 4 Tutorial: Editing Raw Wedding Photos

Heres a quick video of me editing 2 photos of a recent wedding i shot this year! let me know what you guys think PART 2 of this series is up!
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12 responses to “Lightroom 4 Tutorial: Editing Raw Wedding Photos”

  1. orchid9938 says:

    Good tutorial for stat learning. I would like a preset and where can I download ?

  2. amber saroli says:

    i would love a preset. great tutorial.

  3. ConkerB says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve just moved from Aperture 3 to Lightroom 4 & am excited about getting started. Excellent tutorial, I’d love a preset if you’d be so kind to forward to me – Many thanks and keep up the good work


  4. Bram Norman says:

    Great Tutorial. Thank you very much for sharing. I would be interested in the preset if it is still available. If so, how is it delivered? Thanks for your time. Cheers!

  5. Johniboy Penn says:

    thank you just learning lightroom so great start

  6. AnjumMoin says:

    Good stuff, learnt a thing or two.

  7. Rosiemic says:

    I would love both presets please.

  8. David Iliyn says:


  9. moesnuts says:

    @12:06 .. How do you do the before and after shortcut?

  10. robertsharay says:

    Great job! Can i please have your preset? robert.sharay(at) thanks!

  11. Jeff Stevens says:

    Very nice! I would really appreciate the preset from the second photo.

  12. Jack Woodward says:

    Hey man, great videos.. I would definatly be keen if you made up a preset. Cheers

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