Tutorial: Simple video player using WPF/C#

Tutorial: Simple video player using WPF/C#

How to make a simple video player using WPF/C# Programs used: -Visual Studio professional 2010 (2008 should work as well) -Visual Studio Express C# 2008/2010 should work. Sorry for the small text as well, watch in at-least 420p or you will have a hard time reading. My Blog: zahidakbar.wordpress.com The movie i play in the program is called “Snowblind”. its a free movie, you can support/view it here: www.snowblind-film.com Sorry for the sighs and the breathing, this is my first ever tutorial and i had the mic too close to my nose Visit my blog at: zahidakbar.wordpress.com
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24 responses to “Tutorial: Simple video player using WPF/C#”

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  4. kamilmiesiac2 says:

    mam 3 błędy a robię wszystko jak na filmie

  5. TheZaza101 says:

    there are no headers in c#

  6. TheZaza101 says:

    try/catch block in the play buttons code

  7. TheZaza101 says:

    There are a lot of reasons as to why that maybe, need more of a explanation to help, but are you sure its not disabled?

  8. Ales Wodecki says:

    hello, I have a question, the media element object is grayed out, do you have any ideas on what to do?

  9. mustaffa muss says:

    If it is no media opened and i press play or any button it crashes how do i fix that?

  10. fab kiran says:

    hello can u plz tell me what header files did u add here , before writing code

  11. Henriqueengcomp says:

    Thanks Man!

  12. Rikus Botha says:

    Oh, and Clear the Seek Slider’s OnValueChange event

  13. Rikus Botha says:

    If have fixed the Laggy problem in the Video player.

    Leave the whole application as in the video? But as you mentioned, add the Seek_Slider’s PreviewMouseDown and PreviewMouseUp events.

    In the MouseUp Event Put:
    mediaElement1.Position = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(Seek.Value);
    Seek.Value = mediaElement1.Position.TotalSeconds;
    Timer.IsEnabled = true;

    And in the MouseDown Event put:
    Timer.IsEnabled = false;

    Works Perfectly for me.

  14. LeftTechticle says:


  15. LeftTechticle says:


  16. LeftTechticle says:


  17. LeftTechticle says:


  18. Natan Mizrahi says:

    how can i show youtube video in this app ?

  19. George Jeffin says:

    I need a help in the track bar progress button

  20. Jakub Vlček says:

    When you moving Seek slider it records every single step so video is laggy. You must change the value only on mouse up event. At first, you must ad condition to seek slider ValueChanged event (just add “if (sender is MainWindow)” on the first line of function). Then in seek slider events add event PreviewMouseUp where you put the same code as in ValueChanged(but without condition). New problem is that slider is moved by timer when you moving it (but can be easily repaired).

  21. TheZaza101 says:

    Depends on the codecs on your computer, if windows media player can play it, this should be able to.

  22. Addison Schuhardt says:

    Does it only play .avi files?

  23. rahul kamboj says:

    Great work……..

  24. dibyasachi biswas says:

    sorry work cool <3 love u awsome !

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