XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 19 – text-align and Changing Background Color

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 19 - text-align and Changing Background Color

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20 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 19 – text-align and Changing Background Color”

  1. konev13thebeast says:

    In the US people say pound or hash, it really doesn’t matter

  2. Felix Airas says:

    Hey i have a problem which is that when i write text like you at 2:06 my notepad++ doesn’t so to speak “return” to the next line. It all builds up. Where can I change this setting?

  3. Sharpknifecollector says:

    I wouldn’t want to visit this blog. It reminds me too much of the Blue Screen of Death.

  4. Nathan Koszuta says:

    In the US the # is called a pound sign, sorry :p

  5. kjaxv says:

    The only hash we have in the U.S. is…..oh never mind wasn’t funny anyway

  6. MzAuz says:

    It’s called dash Bucky NOT minus unless you are using it in mathematical terms, then it means to take away from or subtract. Dash in any other case can mean a ‘range’ between this – that, or generally linking 2 pieces of data in some way.

  7. RedKurZe LootTheDrop says:

    I think it only reads on space at a time or something

  8. Dragan Zorić says:

    Is there anyone willing to help me about some stuff about HTML and CSS? I’m a beginner and right now I’m learning and practicing Bucky’s tutorials. But there are some little stuff I’m confused with (one of them is actually asked in Top Comment). Feel free to text me. Thanks!

  9. Albionsaint says:

    It leaves it because, you are creating the space with the spacebar button, so in essence it is a character.

  10. 5tivi says:

    if xhtml its whitespace insensitive why does it leave spaces between the words?

  11. rasen58 says:

    Says a website shouldn’t be on the left, youtube’s is on the left…

  12. Steven Arguedas says:

    The minus sign is called a hyphen.

  13. Animeman2k9 says:

    i need help my text isnt going in the center i copied everything but it wont work whats wrong

  14. TheSempai2009 says:

    In the US they don’t have the £ (UK pound sign), that’s why they call the # (hash sign) pound

  15. nipuni malsara says:

    thank u

  16. BrokeInBritain says:

    The minus sign is called a hyphen, Bucky. Also you keep referring to the # sign as a pound sign, but a pound sign is £. The # sign is called hash, lol.

  17. Wiebren de Haan says:

    how to use text-align for table’s

  18. AusNav09 says:

    cool, just make sure it’s not vulnerable to SQL injection. Are you using a database? mySQL or apache?

  19. skaterlater18 says:

    I’m making a website with a login, my friend’s helping me with it, untill I learn php.

  20. skaterlater18 says:

    Hey guys, what HTML Editor do you use? If you’re using Notepad++ or Notepad, then I strongly recomend Evrsoft First Page 2006! (Please don’t dislike. If you try the program, and you like it better, then like if you want.)

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