CSS Tutorial Pt 2 – Styling Links and Text

CSS Tutorial Pt 2 - Styling Links and Text

How to style your links and text using CSS. Download template www.2createawebsite.com
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15 responses to “CSS Tutorial Pt 2 – Styling Links and Text”

  1. acflnnr says:

    LISA! You’re the best. Your tutorial helped me so much! Now I really feel like I understand the basics! I’m so glad I found you! Thank you!

  2. harleygray1 says:

    Hey lisa, just wanted to say your a real sweet heart, and your a great teacher I learned a lot your so awesome

  3. extraContrabando says:

    thanks. :)

  4. digitalrecovery11 says:

    Wow Jumping around like fkin crazy … the first time she refreshed the page mine looked nothing like it.. I was like wtf did I do wrong then I saw some more text in the damn sheet that was not mentioned till after the fact that we kinda needed to know about it. ffs b4 you post your video watch it and do what it says and see if you get the correct results.

  5. claudealwan says:

    Thanks Lisa! You Rock!

  6. doogdoogdoog says:

    It’s a HASH, not a POUND, ohmylorddddddddddddd

  7. MattSL97 says:

    Your body div is actuallyly overlapping the leftnav but since the leftnav is floated only the content moves out of the way so you need to extend the body

  8. xXL1VE4IDE4LSXx says:

    Dude please….if she had to teach babies then she would be in kindergarten, please make us the favor of looking and deducting yourself for what uses are ea code, example: she wont loose time recording when she types in HEADER and then explain to you why header is written with no capitals and why it must have an H at the beginning try using common sense, or by trial and error! thats programming! if u arent good enough deducting please change career.

  9. LynnStrauch says:

    Hi Lisa, now that this video is a couple of years old, now might be a great time to redo it, and make it work correctly all the way through. Who cares how long it takes, or how many 10 minute videos we have to watch to make it correctly. I would love to see someone…anyone…just do it step by step correctly without skipping things. It is so frustrating. Please consider it. You have a great style, but when you skip things, it frustrates your subscribers. Please consider it.

  10. amarantth says:

    Hey Lisa;
    How can i prevent margins when i use “relative” positioning for a header?
    Using “padding:0px” or “width: 100% ” didn’t work for disappearing margins. Only when i use “absolute”, margins are gone.
    Thank you.

  11. khan9674 says:

    very nice working in cascading style sheet

  12. GTASA911 says:

    Can someone tell me how with this. I want to make a website. And those links must send people to a part of the website where they can read some stuff. How can I know what the URL of that part is????

  13. 28catroch says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to teach css. It is very helpful

  14. spraatt says:

    Very good tutorials, you´ve done a fantastic job. It´s very obvious and clean movies with educational content within 😉

  15. 5000marios says:

    emm…lisa please answer me…how will i update my blog with css??? if i open the .html files it just says C:UsersUserDesktopcsscsstemplate2index.html…please answer me

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