XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 5 – Bold, Italics, and Comments

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 5 - Bold, Italics, and Comments

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18 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 5 – Bold, Italics, and Comments”

  1. TheAvikatorZ7 says:

    you can see a comment in the “inspect element” section

  2. Sudeepto Dutta says:

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  3. UltimateRecursion says:


    I just had to add that exclamation. Just. Had. To.

  4. TheNinjaDwarfBiker says:

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  5. Inazumaelevenmaster says:


  6. Inazumaelevenmaster says:

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  7. Eric P says:

    band i tags will work as well

  8. Eric P says:

    you don’t necessarily need slashes in the br and hr tags, most modern browsers can detect it

  9. Cowabanga7 says:

    You’re bad at kples

  10. Tah Sly says:

    thank you <3

  11. Nothematic USMC says:

    It’s so that crap browsers like IE can understand it (IE doesn’t get XHTML, it’s thick like that).

  12. AutofocusFilms says:

    Also, why is he using “strong” and “em” instead of “b” and “i”?

  13. AutofocusFilms says:

    Wait, why do you need the forward slash in a single tag? It works completely fine without it.

  14. Dieter Lewis says:

    The less I can do for you Bucky is to say:

    Thanks for teaching us!

  15. x0xNateRiverx0x says:

    God bless u Bucky for spreading knowledge.

  16. akikarvonen says:

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  17. EpicMiningpeople says:

    tip to bold you can just use B and to underline you can use U (no caps)

  18. UltimateRecursion says:

    Bucky said he wanted to change what was under him.

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