XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 3 – body and headers

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 3 - body and headers

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14 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 3 – body and headers”

  1. Weini123 says:


  2. Dan Scott says:

    @Shinichi Kudo It ain’t over yet buddy 🙂

  3. mohdfaizulezmin says:

    Mr Bucky, thank you.

  4. DashingAsianGuy says:

    I’m learning from this thank you Mr. Bucky! 🙂

  5. nipuni malsara says:

    thank u

  6. Orna Morrissey says:

    So easy to follow along with your videos – thanks Bucky

  7. InfinitySauce says:

    Hint! Press ” F5 ” to refresh a webpage.

  8. x2012apocalypse says:


  9. mayg86 says:

    thank you for all your tutorials, you have done an amazing job =)

  10. Ewout Lokker says:

    great i already know more than ever

  11. Scarlett Hill says:

    I ♥ your tutorials Bucky!!!!!

  12. Himansh Jain says:

    Nice work Bucky!!

  13. iAppletechreviews says:

    gtfo faggot

  14. YazendoMusic says:

    Im going to college to learn Website development and Design, all I need to do is watch these videos, check out the java videos and C++ and I have already learned my course. I LOVE YOU BUCKY

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