YouTube Tutorials – How To Image Map / Link A YouTube Banner | TUTORIAL

YouTube Tutorials - How To Image Map / Link A YouTube Banner | TUTORIAL

Thanks for watching! If it helped you please click that LIKE button! Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have a question 🙂 New Window Image Map Code: Image Maps Website: Facebook Twitter: monetisation how to get youtube partnership, rpm, the game station machinima banner how to have a banner on youtube how to make money with youtube, how to make money from youtube, how to make money on youtube, can you make money on youtube, make money youtube, how to link youtube banner ‘how to image map’ ‘how to code youtube banner’ ‘how to add links to youtube backgrounds’ ‘how to make youtube banner links open in a new tab’ How to get Banner Links to open in New Tabs How to get Banner Links to open in New Window How to Make an HTML Image Map in GIMP How to Make a Link Open in a New Tab How to make an image map in HTML youtube partner youtube partner banner How to image map your Youtube banner. (Multi-link) How to Image Map in Photoshop Image Map Code Banner Height ‘how to make a youtube background’ ‘how to make a youtube banner’ ‘how to become a youtube partner’ ‘how to make a youtube background in photoshop’ HTML

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17 responses to “YouTube Tutorials – How To Image Map / Link A YouTube Banner | TUTORIAL”

  1. the67go says:

    Well your channel does not have alot of viewers. Hence no ad clicks.

  2. PenPenmanz says:

    I have not got any money yet 🙁

  3. GeoYoungMoney says:

    please add me in skype: mc.zaz98

    i don’t know how to make monetisation 🙁 please help me! i’m georgian and sorry my bad english. i’ll give you my password. 🙂

  4. the67go says:

    Looks like you are now as you have a banner.

  5. the67go says:

    No problem 😀 It took me a while to find this out 🙂

  6. the67go says:

    Thank you!

  7. TheNunoTubes says:

    Thanks men, You really helped me, Liked and Faved 🙂

  8. the67go says:

    *Facepalm* Go to the monetisation page and it gives instructions on how to associate an AdSense account. You would have made around 50 cents. A check can only be mailed out if you have made $100 +.

  9. PenPenmanz says:

    But, i can monteisisation my videos, but im not getting any money for them, why is this?

  10. TGMinecraftDK says:

    how do you make the small link image in the corner?

  11. the67go says:

    Because they call monetisation partnership now don’t know why.

  12. PenPenmanz says:


  13. OriqinalEditinq says:

    LoL every1 else seems to be doing this. I wanna join in. Am i a partnered 0_o?

  14. Lyndon Lin says:

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  15. the67go says:

    It says that for all users now.

  16. PenPenmanz says:

    Are you sure? it says i am…

  17. the67go says:


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