Photoshop: How to Make a Comic Book Cartoon from a Photo

Photoshop: How to Make a Comic Book Cartoon from a Photo

Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial showing how to transform an ordinary photo into a classic, comic book cartoon. This is an update to a tutorial I did on an earlier…
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18 responses to “Photoshop: How to Make a Comic Book Cartoon from a Photo”

  1. Blue Lightning TV says:
  2. Mark Glenn Rey Bailo says:

    in photo shop cs 3 theres no vibrance? where could i see that?

  3. Greg Young says:

    Hey Marty,

    In the first step where you’re adjusting the height to 1000px and the
    resolution to 150px, I unfortunately don’t have these options to select
    from… I am using CS4 on a Mac but on document size I can only select from
    percent, inches, cm, mm, points or picas, but not pixels? What should I do
    to make these changes, as I’ve found the rest of the tutorial doesn’t work
    properly if the document is not set up right :(

  4. Pete Esposito says:

    Hi Marty,
    I notice you tend to use resolutions of anywhere from 72 to 150 for your
    projects. I would want to print some of these out and would like to know;
    1) Is 150 resolution enough to print an 8″x10″ or larger and not be
    2) If I need to bump up the resolution for to say 240 for printing how will
    it effect the image in this tutorial?
    3) Will I need sharpening and which would you suggest for printing?
    4) Do you have these tutorials in written form?

    Thank you kindly

  5. Grace G. says:

    I love yours tuts
    thanks so much for give us

  6. Chandra Kiran says:

    Sir do u teach online other than youtube videos??? I would like to join. U
    make it so simple to understand and that too step by step..

  7. Kelly Basden says:

    At 5:45, it should be “Color halftone layer” not “Color Vibrance layer” in
    the narration.

  8. Aman Chhonkar says:

    Awesometacular Tutorial !!!! Marty you are amazing !

    Does it apply to make a vector art (Cartoon Effect) from photograph ???
    I’ve tried to make in Illustrator but it takes so much time!

    Is there a way to make a quick cartoon effect in Photoshop????

  9. Elton Miranda Muendi says:

    Veja este vídeo no YouTube:

  10. Blood warriors Clan says:

    Hey man can u add me in skype ? my skype :dark2261 

  11. Maria Charlotte says:

    or u can use comic life 3 on mac lol

  12. Demonwolf2198 says:

    +Blue Lightning TV I was wondering if you could do an update to your old
    Obama Hope Poster, and perhaps make it smoother, because I feel like it was
    a little jagged, but the whole tutorial was really good.

  13. Lukáš Kus says:


  14. peter19220 says:

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate your work. It is YOU that bought me
    into the wonderful world of Photoshop.
    Your tutorials are concise, easy to follow, clear! I really love following
    your steps to do exactly what I need to do with my photos! Thank you again!

  15. Khalifa Alzaabi says:

    +Blue Lightning TV

    welldone again

    but is there anyway i can send any picture there is a new way of editing i
    wanna know people do it

    they do this kinda of edting for football / soccer players

    its high detailed kinda like a comic or a plastic wrap i have to send
    picture to u to make understand what i mean

  16. abelsincain says:

    Great tutorial, especially the part where you tell how to set the size for
    the effect to work correctly. I hate it when they say “filter values vary
    with image size”, a lousy disclaimer.

  17. TJ Fowler says:

    Pretty cool Vid Marty. I like a lot of your stuff actually. Very
    informative and helpful.

  18. Mohammed Safa says:

    Low Poly Portrait Effect Please ! :)

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