Adobe Photoshop CS6 : Soft Skin Tutorial – [ Beginners ]

Adobe Photoshop CS6 : Soft Skin Tutorial - [ Beginners ]

Adobe Photoshop CS6 – Soft Skin Tutorial. Smooth Skin Tutorial – Photoshop Thanks for watching, don’t forget to subscribe. ­čÖé Twitter Website: Facebook http Audio file provided by

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13 responses to “Adobe Photoshop CS6 : Soft Skin Tutorial – [ Beginners ]”

  1. sethimperator says:

    Thanks,´╗┐ you PSnoob saver!

  2. KhalilZip Oufrid says:


  3. maureenjerry75 says:

    looking for´╗┐ WORKING adobe photoshop crack? i just saw one here

  4. NewWorldOps says:

    You’re´╗┐ welcome ­čÖé

  5. Ondra Janoszewski says:

    Thank you :-)´╗┐

  6. Axel Valladares says:

    Oh ok. And I was wondering if you could do a How to: remoe stuf´╗┐ from pictures. like drinks and stuff like that. Thanks!

  7. NewWorldOps says:

    I usually use Google to find pics´╗┐

  8. Axel Valladares says:

    Where do you download´╗┐ your HD pics?

  9. sohail ahmed says:

    this pic is already gud so can show it with sum other´╗┐ pic becoz when i tried it i didn c any change

  10. intermision1 says:

    in your paint tool your primary color must´╗┐ be white…cuz’ ive had the same problem.. ! so look carefully

  11. Bianca Villarini says:

    i followed every step it doesn’t work ­čÖü it’s not blurring!´╗┐

  12. thanh pham says:


  13. liemnga2 says:

    XD thumbs´╗┐ up

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