Famous 5 Minute WordPress Install Tutorial

Famous 5 Minute WordPress Install Tutorial

In this WordPress tutorial we will look at how to manually install WordPress using the Famous 5-minute WordPress Install. We look at what applications and in…
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14 responses to “Famous 5 Minute WordPress Install Tutorial”

  1. Paulius Prada says:

    Easy and informative! Thanks!

  2. prashant varun says:

    best shortest video, very helpful !!

  3. Juan Manuel Salamanca says:

    thanks, very simple and well explained

  4. WPMU DEV says:
  5. Pranaya Chaudhary says:

    For WordPress newbies

  6. UDesignFitness says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! This was the first video that took me step b step and
    DID NOT matter what host or cPanel you had. Thanks for the simplicity. But
    what video is the next?

  7. Valerie Cudnik says:

    BTW, your menu has a typo. Skip to Insall, should be Skip to Install I’ve
    never seen a menu like that on a video… that’s AWESOME!

  8. WPMU DEV says:

    @WeTeachWP – Thanks for watching and thanks for the feedback. You are
    correct. Most security professionals are saying that It is of little
    value…if any.

  9. WeTeachWP.com says:

    Valerie, not all WP security experts agree that that is a particularly
    helpful strategy.

  10. WPMU DEV says:

    Fixed. Thank You.

  11. WPMU DEV says:

    @Valerie Cudnik – Thank you for providing some great security advice. While
    this is an excellent suggestion for locking down your backend, the idea of
    this video was to follow closely to the WordPress instructions for manual
    installation. We are looking at creating a video or two on building a
    “Bullet Proof” WordPress site and I will be sure and have this included in
    the conversation. Cheers!

  12. erajuga says:

    How’d you get to cpanel? I’ve tried their demo but it kept saying “This
    feature is disabled in demo mode.”

  13. WPMU DEV says:

    @erajuga thank you for watching! You are unable to perform installations to
    a cPanel demo site. You will need to purchase your own hosting account. To
    access cPanel on a domain you own, you typically just need to type in the
    URL associated with the account followed by /cpanel. If you need further
    assistance we have a whole community of people that would be happy to help
    you in our support forums listed in the video description.

  14. Valerie Cudnik says:

    Good stuff… all the way until you left the default prefix as “wp_”. As a
    security measure this should be changed to something else… anything else.
    Code injections depend on defaults.

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