Dreamweaver CS5 – CSS Tutorial: 2 of 5

Dreamweaver CS5 - CSS Tutorial: 2 of 5

TWITTER: Twitter.com CCS allows the web developer to control the look and feel of a website. CSS also allows the developer to keep the sites appearance looking constant. I will demonstrate how this can be done. The tutorial covers: using eternal style sheets; adding CSS rules to tags including hyperlinks (link, hover and visited); how to link to a style sheet;

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19 responses to “Dreamweaver CS5 – CSS Tutorial: 2 of 5”

  1. DrawSimple says:

    You accidently made two a:hover’s, when the second time you wanted to make a:visited 😀

  2. Melrusk says:

    Thank you, I have spent the last four weeks listening to a Uni Tutor “discuss” web design & quite frankly this was far more informative. Thank You

  3. ImModing says:

    I think I’ll end up liking everything you make.

  4. inam kharel says:

    cool vid mate keep upp…

  5. ImzTech says:

    The reason I didn’t show you how to create a table is because tables are not the best way to setup the page layout. In part 3 you will learn how to create the page layout using the best method. Just watch this video and try you understand as much as you can before you move on the next video.
    However if you still want to learn how to make tables search for a YouTube video called, Working with Table Based Layouts in Dreamweaver CS5

  6. Stanislav Ivanovic says:

    I dont understand this video how do got this format table on your screan??? you didn`n explaine how! I saw your first video and you explaine every thing but in this at the beging you just HAVE a table with this page tag , text tag, hyperlink and footer tag! HOW you create this? maybe I m watching the wrong clip? I watched manage site , and part 1 ?and now is part 2 !!! 😀

  7. ImzTech says:

    Part 3 is called Dreamweaver CS5 – CSS Tutorial: Layout /watch?v=Qx1vimbCDk4

    Part 4 is called Dreamweaver CS5 – CSS Tutorial: Inline CSS /watch?v=OIkphYaGTX4

    Part 5 is called Dreamweaver CS5 – CSS Tutorial: Web Accessibility /watch?v=UjpTUMApZN0

  8. ashiz777 says:

    Great tutorials, thanks for posting but where are parts 3, 4 and 5 ?

  9. Umut Esen says:

    Thank you a lot! I found your tutorials very helpful.

  10. Mostafa Ezzat says:

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks very much

  11. Atucciboutique says:

    the mouse clicks are very distracting

  12. Lumpyrox1412 says:

    We use this at school, i don’t understand it well. We have to build our own websites and it’s due soon and yet i still wont get it done in time.
    Thats why im watchin

  13. ImzTech says:

    I will do soon

  14. Ramiro Nochez-McNutt says:

    good tutorial and great instructor, which you had more on PHP & Dreamweaver

  15. ImzTech says:


  16. TonkaTough2000 says:

    I’ve learned more from you than from my instructor! Thanks for taking the time and posting this.

  17. ImzTech says:

    Press like if you like :)

  18. ImzTech says:


  19. ImzTech says:

    thanks clicking had gone now

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