C# Beginners Tutorial – 91 – ListView Control pt 1

C# Beginners Tutorial - 91 - ListView Control pt 1

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5 responses to “C# Beginners Tutorial – 91 – ListView Control pt 1”

  1. Willvuinhon says:

    Thank you so much much much

  2. Brandon D says:

    Oh my bad. It’s suppose to be “textBox1.Clear();”

  3. Biosystem Studios says:

    yea, haha don’t worry we all make mistakes, and I apologize for sounding
    like a dick, I wasn’t trying to

  4. spicebrush says:

    Exactly what I was looking for! But email addresses can be long. Is there a
    way to anchor just that third column so that if the form is resized, the
    column expands accordingly?

  5. jcrldesigner says:

    thx man helpfull

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