How To Make $400 An Hour With Webistes + FREE Tee Shirt Giveaway

How To Make 0 An Hour With Webistes + FREE Tee Shirt Giveaway

Link removed by me. Sorry guys but at this moment in time I’m just not happy with giving this a link. See my other video called “Watch Me As I Make 00 Online. Thanks, kh Yes, I actually did make 0 an hour (and up) making pretty simple websites and selling them as turnkey businesses. It’s basically “Flipping” websites. I will teach more details on this as I am able. Thanks, kh
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23 responses to “How To Make $400 An Hour With Webistes + FREE Tee Shirt Giveaway”

  1. onemancapacity1 says:

    Hey wassup KH, im a big fan of the videos. Just started watching not that long ago. I would really like a KH official ultra limited edition hand signed t-shirt. I like to say Hello to everyone I see, its really uncommon for this,especially in a big city. People just don’t say hi anymore.

  2. Joe Chandler says:

    We always question: How to make easy money online?
    The answer is FIREPA.COM
    Check it out I make over $3.000/Month

  3. jack flack says:

    OK I pledge to do something great for all mankind. I promise to never wear that piece of shit shirt because I know that you are giving them away in hopes of getting free advertising and prayng God that you get more adsense and affiliate revenue. I promise to expose you for the real piece of adsense shit that you really are, and lying fraud that you really are. Do I win?

  4. kevholiothegreat says:

    Hey kids, make a website and sell it for $800. It’ll take you 2 hours to do! BAM!! Just did the whole video for you! Oh tee shirt give away.

  5. kevholiothegreat says:

    Yup, 12 freaking minutes I will never get back now. Disappointed, should be titled teeshirt give away and bunch of babble

  6. VeronicasMidget says:

    Great idea, but I think that would take ages.

  7. KingHuman says:

    Hey Guys, I just found out something that I’m not happy with in that Bring the Fresh thing. I emailed the author and I am waiting to see what he says about it but as of this moment, I am pissed off!!! Use caution on that one.

  8. martin4u2 says:

    Yes that too. Kelly Felix scammed a lot of people in the past with his product “the rich jerk”… Even Kelly in post in his blog said he outsourced the coaching of his clients to third parties and didn´t care if they were getting any value at all…

  9. ukflyer11 says:

    Hi KH, I would like to talk to you about consulting work. What are your contact details? Thanks Steve

  10. muddymuddymuddmann says:

    HILARIOUSLY INFORMATIVE!!! Sweet.I just stumbled on you videos today. Getting a million people to donate dollars to charity, by teaching them to make the money. Simply Brilliant! More efficient than trying to make an extra mil to donate. Your heart is as big as your brain. I subscribed.
    They spam me pretty hard too. I looked and didn’t see any spam here yet.
    Keep smiling and have a ball.

  11. joe collin says:

    Yo king human, I always love your stuff. I have been kicking around the idea of getting into the whole biz and would dig the magazine. As far as my good for human nature.(this may be cheating because i already planed on starting this) I run a food truck, and in the past any extra food, or bread that was a day out dated or beverages that were out dated. i would just toss. I am going to be taking these items to my local food kitchen for their use.. Also I feed the local homless when they come by

  12. HeavyHitteronDOFP says:

    KingHuman, I really admire you and your business ideas. I’m a 16 year old kid who, since I was 13 has been fascinated with business in general and making money. I really admire your ambition to help other who are in need like those at St. Jude, which I do happen to visit sometimes with it only being 15 minutes away from my house. I was wondering how do I make the pledge to do something good for humanity?

  13. mashersmasher says:

    sort of like how zillions of other copy/pasters as well as at least one tv show already covered this? oooooo scary government gunna come concentrate everyone in camps!!! Get a life!

  14. DiabolicalOverlord says:

    Their customer support is rude at the website wealth now site. They also misrepresent how much they’re going to charge you. And it’s confusing with the two payments thing. No up front payment option. They refuse to work with you if you want to pay up front.

  15. MrJoeDaddyMac says:

    So… how do I make $400 an hour again?

  16. edgar romero says:

    I did something good. i got the word out about concentration camps in America. They are called FEMA camps. they are for us. Im risking my life talking about this.

  17. rob2049 says:

    Kinghuman tshirt? Who the fuck cares?!

  18. IVIusicFiend says:

    the bring the fresh thing?

  19. IVIusicFiend says:

    Dude, it’s a joke. Wasn’t meant to be taken seriously, I thought I made it obvious with the “Everybody wins” line but you and a few others can’t seem to grasp it…

  20. martin4u2 says:

    Kinghuman lost all credibility when he started mentioning the scammer´s paradise: the warriror forum… IM is a SCAM run away!

  21. Kevin K says:

    nice try kinghuman you are earning a comission trough this link cause your an affiliate

  22. valdovinos500 says: mssg me if you need help financially. Cx

  23. loganladue2 says:

    Think he wants someone to do something directly. Not a 3rd party lol

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