LinkedList From Scratch PART 2 – C# C Sharp Visual Studio 2010

LinkedList From Scratch PART 2 - C# C Sharp Visual Studio 2010

In this tutorial I show you how to create your own linked list similar to the List in C# from scratch. You can learn a lot from creating your own versions of common data structures. This is PART 2 WEBSITE: FORUMS http FREE CODE SNIPPETS
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4 responses to “LinkedList From Scratch PART 2 – C# C Sharp Visual Studio 2010”

  1. SmoothCriminalAaron says:

    Why can I only use LinkList, while you use LinkedList? what is the difference and where is LinkedList?

  2. SelmerSaxMan says:

    Would be easiest to have a private size property (with a public getter) that gets updated when you add, remove, and clear the list.

  3. mindprism says:

    To simplify many functions:
    Node getNode(int idx); // code first
    private int _length; // maintain throughout

    — interface
    object LinkedList.remove(int idx); //should throw an exception instead of returning null
    — or — the sig should be
    bool remove(int idx, out object o); which does nada to o when out of bounds

    bool replace(int idx, object oNew, out oOld);

    and you also forgot the major function:
    LinkedList append(LinkedList l); // return this

  4. domaine75atutube says:

    thank you very much for this video
    I really love it.
    this teaches me a lot.
    and congcrat for being a partner. This is much better when you can upload 20 minute video.
    to remind you this is how to write getter and setter:
    public int Id { get; set;}

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