40 – Introduction to Dreamweaver Tutorial (CS5)

40 - Introduction to Dreamweaver Tutorial (CS5)

In this Dreamweaver tutorial video you will see how to create the pop up information window on the menu page. If you would like to download this completed website along with the framework and resources used to create the site please visit www.timothyframework.com

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15 responses to “40 – Introduction to Dreamweaver Tutorial (CS5)”

  1. TheAltercross19 says:

    Nevermind, I’ve got it sorted 🙂

  2. TheAltercross19 says:

    I need some help here: I have put in the model-popup code and the “click here for more information” links look fine in Design view but when I look at it in Live view or in a browser, the link is aligned in the center of the content editable region.

    I did a class style for the links and did a float:left style for them but when I checked it in Design View, the links did what I needed them to but the Cobb Salad paragraph text aligned itself with the Ceaser Salad link.

  3. lori Bradford-brown says:

    Ok, you addressed it later in the video and I missed it. I had myModal for both the a id and div id on both the same so changed to myModal1 and myModal1 on both a id and div id on first link and myModal2 and myModal2 on the second link, since you stated it was picking up the first id. thanks for being so attentive to cover everything.

  4. lori Bradford-brown says:

    my pop-up works perfect for the Ceasar Salad but the popup for Cobb* Salad says Ceasar Salad and I changed the h1 tag to Cobb? and i do have the a class “close-reveal-modal” after the ceasar salad so that should close it out? What am i doing wrong that the Ceasar popup opens for the cobb also? help!!

  5. roxjas says:

    If you’re wondering why you’re links are blue and centered, look at 20:58 lines 168-172 in Timothy’s styles CSS. You are probably missing those lines as it’s a missed step. Add them in and you’re good to go.

  6. sunnymaya19 says:

    There is no enough THANK YOU to you Timothy! Amazing! There is one thing- I bought your Frame but no “small salade” image among others in Cante and also – I tried all below suggestions to correct this text “Click Here…” because mine is centered and blue!!! Any really helpful hint?? Where and how?? Thx

  7. ibsoonerfan says:

    never mind again found it, man i hate it when steps are missed in a video

  8. ibsoonerfan says:

    the only issue i still have is the link colors are still blue and red?

  9. ibsoonerfan says:

    Got it! just needed to figure out how to our the class style in the html

  10. ibsoonerfan says:

    I added .popup-link {font-size:12px; margin:5px 10px; display:block;} under misc in my styles.css and its still centered what am I doing wrong?

  11. ibsoonerfan says:

    i see how to fix it below but I’m sell lost as where to put the class style

  12. ibsoonerfan says:

    why is my link the wrong color and format on the video its left and orange on mine its centered and blue?

  13. clocknane says:

    @lizrizdesign and online detective The way to fix the issue with your links being centered is to add a class style to the “a” element in the HTML. The class style used is .popup-link which I put under miscellaneous in the styles stylesheet. The values you want to add are
    font-size:12px; margin:5px 10px; display:block; This will cause the “Click Here for More Information” to be left aligned with slightly larger text (12px) and displayed in a block format. See my other comment for further info

  14. Roy Goulden says:

    Hi all… In response to @lizrizdesign problem re ‘click here’ text not aligning left…. after a couple of hours head scratching and desk top banging… I noticed thet the text was positioned in a ‘span class’ … and if you look at the top of the css styles under the body tag, there is a group of styles, one of which is span…. I just added a text align rule at the first position and now I’m off for a pint….

  15. MrCaseBox says:

    no, you guys should actually leave the text-align:center at the body tag untouched. If not, when your page is viewed in some older versions of IE, there will be display problems just like Timothy demostrated. To correct lizrizdesign’s problem, she should modify the “a” attribute class style in the css to text-align:left, text-decoration:none, color:#yourcolor. etc.

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