Photoshop Cs5 Tutorial: Retro Vintage Color Effect

Photoshop Cs5 Tutorial: Retro Vintage Color Effect

Quick photoshop tutorial for a vintage color effect! This is a very simple tutorial and can be adjusted easily. Step One: Create a new fill layer of a very d…

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19 responses to “Photoshop Cs5 Tutorial: Retro Vintage Color Effect”

  1. Hoang Vinh says:

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  2. kayser911 says:

    It couldn’t be easier. Thank you 🙂

  3. Kate Bondoc says:

    Thank you for this tutorial!! 🙂

  4. CraftingFreakAsaurus says:

    Cool! I have to see if this works on and old version of PS

  5. rescue951 says:

    THANKS !!!! so simple

  6. Antonia Clivet says:

    This is awesome! Here, take my subscription! 😀

  7. vvnee koko says:


  8. anitsirc nosis says:

    this is great tutorial , now i can have alternatives step for making vintage effects.

  9. LetterKilled says:

    This is actually pretty damn legit man.

  10. kidroming says:


  11. thisisMarrie says:

    thanks! really easy ! ^^

  12. baloons4satanists says:

    thank you, very simple and easy to understand. No fucking around with 23525 layers 😀

  13. Филипп Филиппов says:


  14. Yen Sean says:

    You can make your photo 150years old just in seconds

  15. intoantics says:

    thanks!! great and easy!

  16. maniz joshi says:

    ha awesome

  17. CanecaProductions says:

    Thank you!!!!!

  18. Justthisgood says:

    Thanks for watching!

  19. Justthisgood says:

    If you search my channel i have a dreamy photo effect, and a soft handpainted color tone effect

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