Advanced HTML Tutorial

Advanced HTML Tutorial

This is the Advanced HTML Tutorial i promised, it completes with overview with basics, and new tags like link tag, image tag, and google search tag (i forgot…
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25 responses to “Advanced HTML Tutorial”

  1. iggemixen says:

    advanced my ass!

  2. Stian Bøe says:

    why do you call this advanced?

  3. Dimitris Theodoridis says:

    you should really need to visit this page: 😉

  4. observemotion says:

    this is in no way ‘advanced’

  5. ExtremeKayaker007 says:

    Sorry about the other one. I meant ../(file here) and for one in a sub category you go: /(folder)/(file here)

  6. ExtremeKayaker007 says:

    Images doesn’t have to be in the same folder! For a previous folder/category you must go: ../((file

  7. RedxLilxSleepy says:

    started an html class a month ago, and i learned this shit within the first hour its not advanced at all.

  8. Chetan Verma says:

    This is only basics not advanced!!!!!!

  9. Gnomeo337 says:

    OMG!! holy crap. I would expect more from an “Advanced” Tutorial. I bet you cant even style a page using CSS instead of html. Noob.

  10. stefan halldor says:

    this is for fucking beginners not advanced noob

  11. Arsalan Sheikh says:

    save your time don’t watch this because it’s a basic tutorial not advanced once.

  12. cashjamesPremium1 says:

    Bet you don’t know how to create advanced html tables which is beginners shit, and u know why i bet that. cuz ur just a kid and Css is the advanced stuff for web programming. different to html but like i said html is easy shit.. try and hack just with HTML and you will see it isn’t an advanced language

  13. Zeroc00l300 says:

    noob! this is for beginners not advanced change your title video to less then basic

  14. coolglen201 says:

    this is a beginner tutoral

  15. NewEasyLyrics says:

    Why cant I find any “advanced” html. Change it to basic html to save peoples time!

  16. DreamworksAnimations says:

    Nice Background Can you Giva a Link?

  17. thejoshs1 says:

    Most the tags you used aren’t used anymore. My basic tutorials on YouTube are much more “advanced”

  18. DanielSturk1 says:

    use notepad++, its free

  19. chunkysworld says:

    Advanced HTML Tutorial !
    Don’t think so this is for beginers!
    Definitely not advanced at all
    Waste of time

  20. mastermax7777 says:

    wtf is this shit for 2 year olds definitely not advanced at all

  21. janekvanwolfswinkel says:

    ….This is for beginners….

  22. Kyle Crasto says:

    This is not advanced at all soo basic.

  23. FuzzyModdingShop says:

    this is like the most basic tut there is and not much info for the amount of time

  24. mmiicc0 says:

    This isn’t advanced, this is very basic.

  25. 1gamesforyou says:


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