Space Tutorial Review – After Effects

Space Tutorial Review - After Effects

In this tutorial we are going to look at how to create a space scene within After effects. Things that we will use will be, Null objects, high res textures, …
Video Tutorial Rating: 4 / 5

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12 responses to “Space Tutorial Review – After Effects”

  1. R Tirado says:


  2. Hextep says:

    Awesome video!!!! I followed your tutorial and I must say that the result
    looks stunning! Thank you so much! If I may, your only mistake was to have
    the Earth rotating in the wrong direction ;-)

  3. respectfulremixer says:


  4. Studio HKR Design says:

    Wouaa !! Good..What is a song ??? Thank

  5. LuispicardV3 says:

    i am seaching some like this al this time, thank you very munch

  6. Million Pixels says:

    One Word : Awesome +RichAguilar1 :)

  7. HXP MODDZ says:

    Superb ! Thanks *

  8. Kyle Johnson says:

    Hey man, your tutorials are great! One question though, I took a 16K
    resolution image and put it through CC sphere just like you did on here,
    but when I move it closer in 3D space with a camera layer parented to the
    null it is very blurry in the sense that it doesn’t have enough resolution
    to produce a clear image on the planet. Do you know why this could be? I
    havent figured it out despite much play around with it. Thanks!

  9. legomocreviews says:

    Is it possible if you could just make a download for this?

  10. kaz FX says:

    can i find this BG ??

  11. Trẫm Sup says:


  12. Tommy Rood says:

    I’ve decided I need better lens flares than the stock After Effects
    flares… do you have any (inexpensive) suggestions?

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