C# Programming tutorial (1of2)

C# Programming tutorial (1of2)

Joe Grip – C# Programming tutorial I highly recommend the Joe Grip series of programming training videos. PS. He also does Java. http://www.joegrip.com/why.html.

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13 responses to “C# Programming tutorial (1of2)”

  1. BrutalCoding says:

    Anyone might wanna check out my channel which includes several applications made in C#? I’m starting to develop more and more applications made in C# to share with the world for free, just take an second to take a look and you’ll see it!

  2. OmfgTheNostalgia says:

    Writing my own tutorial: Check it out and check it constantly for I will be updating constantly: tutorialsmadesimple.blogspot.c­om 

  3. Rathu Rathesh says:

    can you plz share

  4. LeftTechticle says:

    Good one. I have helpful videos aswell if anyones interested.

  5. mohammad taheri says:

    it was good

  6. hyperjham080988 says:

    Great tutorial .

    just download the sample program from this link for much easier tutorial. jhamnariz.weebly.com/3/archives/05-2012/1.html . 🙂

  7. Thomas Beckmann says:

    Good info, but tragic tonequqlity. It sounds like pre vinyl records.  PLS do something . . . . . .

  8. qwertyblewasd says:

    c# is not a superset of c

  9. Jeffrey Whinery says:

    nice Vid , thanks man. Here some good ebooks to go with it..sams teach yourself..ect
    Google documents

  10. Jeffrey Whinery says:

    Nice vid, Heres a pdf from google. Check it out adfoc.us359444633430

  11. rufuguru says:

    The term “programming language” is misleading. Although programming languages has syntax and grammar, it’s not really that hard to learn the syntax and grammar. Most programming languages are easier to learn if you understand algebra.

  12. Aditya Bokade says:

    @rokstar234 Great to know..any particular reason?

  13. Aditya Bokade says:

    The fuck this shit is the fuck this shit!. Its all about basics of creating application/software.

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