Jesus Promised Tutorial C#/Db/B##

Jesus Promised Tutorial C#/Db/B##

Mr.Piano Wit Chicago Mass Choir Jesus Promised..Now I Kno That I Said That Wit “All I Gotta Do Is Live Right”U Play AA In The Right Hand Wit AC In The Left Hand 2 A Ab In The Right Hand Wit AC# in The Left 2 AG In The Right Hand Wit AD#/Eb In The Left Hand Then U Do The C# Half Step Wal Down Wit A A3/Bb In The Left Walk The Bb Down 2 G
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9 responses to “Jesus Promised Tutorial C#/Db/B##”

  1. lawrence young says:

    I loved it Doc!! u broke that joker down to the least common denominator!!! I was taught by Jesus, so say that same thing about…I dnt knw what cord that is, but it’s nice lol!! blessings to u Doc!!!

  2. Laurie Ard says:

    o wow u broke this song down so well… ppl act lik they cant make mistakes but its all a process.. i bet many will understand this better than the others… Thanks a lot.. I am practicing it now…

  3. tubakid21 says:

    He yelled at me alot lol but i learned the song and i thank you =)

  4. BrendaLParson says:

    @sigmaofive thanx alot im glad i was able to help

  5. BrendaLParson says:

    lol sure im glad u liked it hope it helps u

  6. garner29 says:

    I dont know what this chord is but its nice LOLOLOLOLOLOLO!!!!!! Thats what I say sometimes appreciate u posting this video.

  7. BrendaLParson says:

    sure anytime

  8. es72372 says:

    Thank you for sharing!!

  9. Miriam Newton says:

    Thank you so much. The steps was very easy to learn. I will be playing this song Wednesday night .  May God bless you for taking the time to teach others as well.

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