3ds Max tutorial : Camera

3ds Max tutorial : Camera

3ds Max tutorial : Camera.
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14 responses to “3ds Max tutorial : Camera”

  1. Julian Wood says:

    to get out of the camera right click on the view (left top corner) or just
    pres ”P”

  2. Claudio Diaz says:

    Very good ! Straight to the point.

  3. Ada Alvarado says:

    clic the view option of the viewport, it a “+” at one side of the view
    (top, perspective, ortographic, bottom…, clic the camera’s name)

  4. RobertoMitrofan says:

    Thx a lot man! 😛

  5. DarkStormGhOsT says:

    Yay thx you very much )D

  6. FireMan24444 says:


  7. Yams313 says:


  8. BladeDark93 says:

    hello ive got a question:D if i put 2 cameras how do i make them to swap
    each other during the animation, like im filming with camera1 but at half
    of the video i want to change to camera 2 how do i do that?? plss help, and
    also how do i export it into avi or any video format?? thanks

  9. kvkleef79 says:

    I love a camera pet 🙂

  10. borgosss says:

    thank you ^^

  11. gelvispro says:

    idiot …

  12. Jip Wynia says:

    nice nice nice :D:D did;t knew yet that there wheer cameas O.o anyway thnk
    you! :D:D Greetz, Gara

  13. SpikedHelmetz says:

    @jamestump right-click where it’ll say “Camera01” in top-left corner of
    view window, then Views, then whatever view (default Perspective)

  14. ducksoup2007 says:

    this video is so slow

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