Tutorials – COD Depth Of Field Tutorial – After Effects

Tutorials - COD Depth Of Field Tutorial - After Effects

I’m trying out some simple tutorials that will really increase the quality of your edits and make a major difference. If you guys like these be sure and leave a comment, like, and favorite! Depth of field picture download link: www.mediafire.com ____ Follow me on Twitter: @DareZebo twitter.com Like my fan page on Facebook: t.co ____ OpTic Niz (Clip): www.youtube.com Dare Duncan (Picture): www.youtube.com Dare Steeze (Outro): www.youtube.com Chris Powart (ZeboEdits logo): www.youtube.com Music provided by MachinimaSound: machinimasound.com PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD THIS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. -Dare Zebo Extra Tags: Dare Zebo Edits Snipin Designs Cinematic Editing Tutorial After Effects New Ideas Music Background Adobe Outro Steeze Gypzy Desktop Background Logo Download Free Not Upload Without Permission Twitter Facebook Thanks Magic Bullet Looks Blu Duncan Ninja OpTic Feral Steeze Blake Designs Sony effect transition cray designs
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14 responses to “Tutorials – COD Depth Of Field Tutorial – After Effects”

  1. SorryOrz says:

    This is what Andrew Kramer does on his website. 

  2. Geist Terraner says:

    sry to tell you but thats just a wrong dof map. a dof don work like this in rl. use a circle

  3. Bros2Build says:

    Could you make a mask that makes the Corner mini-map look clearer ?

  4. spyshocker says:

    Hey dude! What music are you using in the background?

  5. FreEdeXi says:

    i want that cc <333 please give dl for it! 😀

  6. D1Rap says:

    this is not depth of field, it’s tilt-blur.
    to do proper dof you need the nformation of the depth.

  7. FatalDutch says:

    Not like in real life 😛

  8. Kalsci says:

    If he video bumped it, this means he wanted you to see the video right? thus also meaning he wanted to help you right? which also means your are retard, right…

  9. Shea ness says:

    Zebo I cant thank you enough for your tutorials. Im a beginner editor and people say my edits look really pro thanks to you dude!

  10. vGizzz says:

    Just want to say your Amazing. I got After Affects Today, and had no idea what i was doing. I found your Tutorials, and i loved the First One i saw.Ive watched about 10 more since hten, and im glad theirs someone out their who takes the time to show People how to do this shit. Other peoples tutorials are too fast for people without prior knowledge, and the begineer tutorials are to simple. Your an amzing Editor, and my Inspiration to Edit. <3 Even though im a GFX Artist. Lol.

  11. someKILLJOY says:

    <3 Short and nice.

  12. ChrisPredatorHD says:

    amazing tutorial bro. SUBBED!

  13. CivicaI says:

    It’s just simple keyframing.

  14. ItsYaBoyDeeJay says:

    Man ive been looking for DOF tutorial for a long time now and i originally thought it was a plugin but its apparently not thank you so much i just used it on this clip i have and it looks very nice im excited to use it thanks.

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