How To Create A Professional Lightroom In Cinema 4D

How To Create A Professional Lightroom In Cinema 4D

Shows You How To Create A Professional Lighting Studio In Cinema 4D. I hope this tutorial helped you out and you enjoyed it. If it did help you, please comme…

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23 responses to “How To Create A Professional Lightroom In Cinema 4D”

  1. TourTo Japan says:

    hey did adobe ae is available for 32bit

  2. Avid Skyz says:

    thanks man

  3. Eduard Pantazi says:

    Real nice tutorial, thanks.

  4. Pulsefirefox says:

    You are so awesome

  5. DEVONYEA100™ says:

    why is it that the only way i can see my object and my light room together
    is when i do render preview? how am i suppose to edit object in l;ightroom
    when object is alone

  6. TehDango says:


  7. DEVONYEA100™ says:

    why when i drop my plane in light room my cube visibilty turns off

  8. TheILZN says:

    Loved the tut helped me drastically. Subbed!

  9. TheRealChrisScales says:

    I’m looking forward in purchasing i have a logo and a jingle how can i do
    business with you

  10. The3rdNiclas says:

    Free Cinema 4D Lightroom and Metaball animation on my channel! 🙂

  11. IcedUpGFX says:

    Thanks Con-Man!

  12. 12VoltPranks says:

    Ok thanks!

  13. nissim salem says:

    you shoul’ve edit the cube then delete the 1 pannel

  14. slavevBG says:

    Explain the people why are you doing this things. Not to mention that they
    are right at all. I dont want to sound like a douche, but i really believe
    that you can give a bit more indepth tutoria about why are you doing this
    settings and for example why we use GA and stuff. (I know that, so no need
    to explain it to me) I admire your efforts but in everything we do we are
    trying to be as perfect as it could be. Cheers!

  15. ZonK Obito says:

    Oh FUCK you earned a sub 🙂

  16. Aeonhem says:

    don’t have to turn off gi, add more bounces, lower ambient occlusion’s
    darkness and ray length, imo

  17. MrMaxmotives says:

    little bit too fast but very helpful and awesome thank you 😀 !

  18. Cai Hughes says:

    no matter how much i zoom in, in cant see the grid?

  19. appleheavan says:

    Amazing thanks mate

  20. Daniel Laruelle says:

    this is a really good tutorial – thanks!

  21. MindZTrust says:

    what version of cinema is this

  22. HackXX007 says:

    Nice man! awsome technic. I subscibe 😀

  23. TheFreeradical1981 says:

    nice job

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