XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 32 – Child Selectors

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 32 - Child Selectors

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11 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 32 – Child Selectors”

  1. Hyelni Joshua Ali says:

    If html is a parent for head and head is a parent of style does that mans that html is the grand-parent of style

  2. Shannaro Khim says:

    i love this man

  3. Cowabanga7 says:

    pee pee

  4. XxxChrisTheBestxxX says:

    Thanks for everything,dude.

  5. 13H3RO7 says:

    Your tutorials might be unprofessional but that’s why we love you 😀

  6. Xeneroso says:

    Yeah no shit Sherlock that was a joke. Get a sense of humour.

  7. Nariman MammadOFF says:


  8. Hotrod768 says:

    make an attribute target =”_blank”

  9. Dave Breen says:


  10. luksports555 says:

    So… html is the grandparent?

  11. TheNinjaDwarfBiker says:

    how to make links that doesnt quit the present page u know what i mean? like makes a new page but keeping u on the present one

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