Adobe Fireworks Tutorial – Creating interactive rollover buttons using swap image pt2

Adobe Fireworks Tutorial - Creating interactive rollover buttons using swap image pt2

Adobe Fireworks tutorial using swap image behavior. With our video tutorials you’ll learn the tricks and techniques professional designers use including: * C…
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20 responses to “Adobe Fireworks Tutorial – Creating interactive rollover buttons using swap image pt2”

  1. Patrick Murphy says:

    How do you save and export it into dreamweaver?

  2. Lynn Ong Wei Ling says:

    Hi may I know if you have a newer version for CS6 tutorial.
    As the Frame that you are using has been updated to States and the features seem rather different.
    It will be good to have a tutorial for the newer version

  3. R Guled says:

    Adobe Fireworks Tutorial – Creating interactive rollover buttons using swap image pt1
    copy this and paste on the search bar

  4. Felician Galgau says:

    Americanii creeaza website-uri, olandezii construiesc masini zburatoare, italienii fac autostrade moderne…Politia din Satu Mare, Romania…manipuleaza calculatoarele, intercepteaza telefoasnele, manipuleaza oamenii…SISTEM DICTATORIAL FASCIST…tiganii UniuniiEuropene

  5. sandypet1995 says:

    this is an amazing tut!

  6. DTDIreland says:

    Hi im using cs5 i cant find my “done” button were would it be?

  7. krasav4ik82 says:

    You should try Cool Button Designer. You dont need to have a photoshop, it cost 9.99 and it does make glossy, plastic and windows 7 buttons with easy in 5 minutes. It gives you control over the glare gradient, light reflection, smoothness, light itself, etc… It also generated mouse over and mouse clicked states and they can be in different color and easy to set. It generates the HTML Code. You should try it! . It does the job well. I strongly recommend you! Google for Cool Button Designer 7.3

  8. zketo1 says:

    You should make this tutorial for CS4

  9. cbtcafe says:

    Hi – I just uploaded it. Check the latest videos and you’ll see it. This was from a training cd I did about 5 years ago and hadn’t gotten around to posting everything. Hope it helps!

  10. epics7 says:

    Yes. Something that I seen in Jquery where it has that Flash like effect. I’m trying to move away from flash on my site.

  11. Doritji says:

    Well I still use FW for making banners and such to import them into webstudio. Fw is great, but not really website friendly. I would still have to import it in dreamweaver and then rebuild the slices. Publishing my website is now 1 click away 😉

  12. cbtcafe says:

    NP and you’re right about webstudio 5. FW does create rollovers but most users do it for small sites or do quickly prototype their design ideas. I never really used the features other than for fast build-outs.

  13. Doritji says:

    Well actually, I changed software. I’m using webstudio 5 now since it’s a lot easier to upload my site with. Thanks for the reply though, keep up the good work !

  14. cbtcafe says:

    Sure, just click File > Export and select the HTML option and you’re good. Which version of FW are you using?

  15. cbtcafe says:

    Do you mean switch out an image that doesn’t roll back to its original state?

  16. cbtcafe says:

    Hi – which version of Fireworks are you using? You just want image-based rollovers in HTML?

  17. Doritji says:

    Great tutorial ! But could you help meout with something? Is it possible to like make a rollover image where the image becomes a bit bigger when your mouse comes across? I’ve been trying to do that but all it does is zoom in on the picture for the size of the canvas

  18. epics7 says:

    Damn, I had no idea that you can do a swap image in Fireworks. Can I also apply this if I want to switch the image for a different image period?

  19. cbtcafe says:

    Thanks Gust. I appreciate the feedback. Fireworks is a great program for this type of effect!

  20. jrggomez says:

    Nice vido Thank you so much. I am trying to build a page from scratch and i wanted to swap some fotos. I believes this will help. My name is Gust… Nice to meet you.

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