After Effects Tutorial: Slide Transition

After Effects Tutorial: Slide Transition

Here’s my first tutorial on a simple slide transition! If you want to learn any other transitions, show me an example and Ill be glad to make another tutoria…
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24 responses to “After Effects Tutorial: Slide Transition”

  1. TehDryyy says:

    Thanks man!<3

  2. KyzM8 says:


  3. SmokyHD3 says:

    You’re a robber.

  4. godwyn walker says:

    great video man XD just wondering what spec is your computer ? would i need a top of the range computer to render a video like this ? 🙂 many thanks 

  5. Bobsjobgetsrobed says:

    You’re a clown.

  6. cLoWnPrInCe1221 says:

    You’re a genius.

  7. EffexTB says:

    Very basic, but very useful!

  8. Churrbroz says:

    so u still use CS4 ?

  9. IJustFavnLike says:

    yea but, when i switched over to cs6 from cs4 it didnt happen to me :/

  10. Alvinat3r says:

    You can just copy and past the plug-in files, it’s really easy.

  11. BakersTuts says:

    because i dont want to go through the hassle of getting all my plugins again

  12. IJustFavnLike says:

    watch his latest video he still uses it im commenting this on every video until he answers :/ besides he could have been using cs5

  13. Chukensky says:

    Check the date  😀

  14. jackybeez says:

    Please please bro can you make a tutorial on how to add your clip sound on adobe after effects please man i need help

  15. IJustFavnLike says:

    Baker, why do u still use cs4??

  16. EchoSpawn says:

    nevermind.. i found a video fo u doing it already. lmao

  17. EchoSpawn says:

    Hey Baker, how did you do that spoke and flare thing in ur intro.

  18. VolTDivides says:

    Your friends with Neko too!

  19. iTzInsight says:

    I dont have those 4 buttons on the layer menu next to the layers

  20. DANZSEVEN4 says:

    hold CTRL whilst doin it i think.

  21. Mathieu Larose says:

    when I want to shift my center to another point, It is just the point that moves and not the video…HELP ME PLZ!

  22. HaiAntt says:

    WTF when i di the last transition my clip was just black till the transition

  23. HaiAntt says:

    how do you do the one so its dpins up and repeats?

  24. yuriiipider says:

    *Gets thumbed up 90000x* xD

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