WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Part 9 – Inserting Media and Managing Comments

Wordpress Tutorial For Beginners Part 9 - Inserting Media and Managing Comments

THE NEW SITE IS UP FOR ALL WORDPRESS BEGINNERS!!! http://www.wordpresstipstricksandtweaks.com | In this ninth WordPress tutorial for beginners, I’ll take you…

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23 responses to “WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Part 9 – Inserting Media and Managing Comments”

  1. tonydinocentes says:

    Nice job of introducing beginners to WordPress. I would hope you could do a
    follow up series focusing on the next level of developmentment of Websites
    as you have been thorough on blogs. Somethings like advanced widgets,
    plugins, SEO, site forms, and password protected subscription/membership
    databases and pages. Excellent job on this beginning serives

  2. Marc Connor says:

    @nigelum Good answer. I see you’re definitely on the side of functionality
    over all else. I used to be very “presentation-driven” for lack of a better
    term, concerning WP themes. I’ve since learned better. I’m more at a place
    of balance with equal presentation and functionality. I do believe how your
    site looks makes a big difference. I believe in standing out. Now I also
    incorporate functionality and SEO as well. Hopefully, in the near future, I
    can be able to present me finished product. Peace

  3. id0leyex says:

    thanx go to guy… u hav helped a lot 🙂

  4. Diane Eugster says:

    What about video?

  5. Oloyede Dayo says:

    you’ve done a very good job here, i have learn a lot from this videos

  6. Laura Passuello says:

    After three days of struggling through Joomla, thanks to these tutorials, I
    switched gears and my WP site is up and running in a very rudimentary form
    with in 24 hours. Great videos!

  7. ashraf khafaga says:

    You are the best of the best many thanks to you

  8. iacisnesol says:

    I have a question about ” you may use these HTML tags and attributes” text
    that appears below the coments box … is there a way to hide that or is a
    normal text that will appear always ??

  9. gpmazz says:

    I am having trouble finding “part 10” video. Please help. And thank you
    very much for all your hard work. I am learning so much.

  10. Robert Wimer says:

    I don’t get into coding beyond some basic HTML. If you’re looking for CSS
    tutorials, there are several on YouTube. Sorry I couldn’t help.

  11. Duran Coley says:

    Quick question, how do I adjust the font sizes in my post, for example, I
    want the first letter in all my post to be way bigger than the other
    letters, how do I do so

  12. Hugh Stearns says:

    Great tutorial. I watched this series from start to finish and got a lot
    out of it.

  13. Diane Eugster says:

    Robert, thanks for your reply. I have tried several video plugins over the
    last days and have hit on one, All Video Gallery, that has great
    documentation and customer support!

  14. Ayal Nogovitsyn says:

    Is there any solution for a background audio player? I’m using “Landscape”
    theme as well, which might be the problem..

  15. id0leyex says:

    where is your part 10 vdo???

  16. Robert Wimer says:

    @roystem I’m glad they’ve helped you with your site.

  17. Robert Wimer says:

    @HughStearns Thanks. I’m glad they helped.

  18. VISHAAL N says:

    u dnt tell us how to earn money out of this yet 😛

  19. Robert Wimer says:

    @ConnorMarc WOW! What a complement! I’m glad they’ve helped. Now to your
    question. I can’t say anything specific about ThemeForest or
    TemplateMonster, but paid themes are a great step up. What you need to make
    sure of is that you can edit the whole sha-bang, such as colors for menus,
    text, links, hovers, and content area. You need to also be able to find a
    theme that has several page templates and can change the site size. The BIG
    thing is if you can customize the CSS…..more on next cmt

  20. Van Bui-thompson says:

    This is soooo wonderful. I learn a lot and looking forward to the next
    tutorial. Thank you very much

  21. Marc Connor says:

    Robert, that was excellent. Dare I say, THE best WordPress video series on
    YT. At least that I’ve ever seen or know of. Very articulate, non-industry
    terms. Organized in a structured way, that flowed naturally. You clearly
    know you’re stuff. Even better, are able to teach it in a very easy way.
    Not only was your videos informational, but inspiring. With that said,
    what’s your thoughts on Premium Themes, say…ThemeForst for instance. Or
    even TemplateMonster. Yay or nay?

  22. Entreri28 says:

    I have watched your whole tutorial series. It is a great way to learn
    quickly. Thanks so much for taking the time to do these videos.

  23. JakobMiller says:

    I liked these videos. BUT. I was waiting for the coding tutorial 🙂 Can’t
    you make one? About the hierarchy and so forth!

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