C# Beginners Tutorial – 11 – Arrays

C# Beginners Tutorial - 11 - Arrays

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13 responses to “C# Beginners Tutorial – 11 – Arrays”

  1. William Ahrendt says:

    Change teh resolution of the playback to 1080. Or get another monitor! 🙂

  2. William Ahrendt says:

    It’s available in 1920×1080. I suggest you use that resolution.

  3. FoxCoder007 says:

    If its ‘focken useless’ then why are you looking up tutorials for it?

  4. Zachary Kenny says:

    I didn’t say unity was written in C#, I siad C# was one of the main scripting languages.

  5. je3f0o says:

    Seriously ??? Unity Engine is written in C/C++
    if u use run time language like C# What can go wrong? one of the Run-time error is: Running out of memory !
    learn Assembly and see -> background in programming languages

    “Is Unity Engine written in Mono/C#? or C++”
    (H-T-T-P) answers. unity3d. com/ questions/ 9675/ is-unity-engine-written-in-monoc-or-c. html

  6. Zachary Kenny says:

    Unity3D is an example where C# is one of the better languages to use.. And like I said, Windows OS is running off of quite a bit of C#. Even if C++ is better, think about it, C# leads to C++ development, considering the similarities. after learning several languages, C# still tends to be one of my favorites.

  7. je3f0o says:

    lol C# sharp game developers ? loooooool this game should be fucking slow… if u meaning XNA ? XNA is dead! C++ for game developers because it’s compile time. C# is run time scripting language, this means C# much slower than C++ !

  8. Zachary Kenny says:

    C# is one of the main languages in the Windows Operating System.. It’s also the preferred scripting language by game developers.


    I am 14 years old and the way they teach ICT in my school is literally a comparison to “This is a Keyboard and This is a Mouse” and i want to learn Programming and such, so thanks for these videos Adam! 🙂

  10. davonbon says:

    even worse, he doesn’t know how to type…

  11. chanki001 says:

    can you flight and shit like a bird?

  12. chanki001 says:

    Hey guys waba waba turorial waba waba the new boooston.waba waba. 

  13. Chris London says:

    These tutorials are really clear and useful. They are definatley helping me.

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