Full Portrait Retouch Tutorial – Start to Finish! [Lightroom + Photoshop]

Full Portrait Retouch Tutorial - Start to Finish! [Lightroom + Photoshop]

*Be sure to hit that ‘Like’ button to help me out! 🙂 In this tutorial, I’ll be going over a full portrait retouch using Adobe Lightroom 4 and Adobe Photoshop CS6. Photoshop Airbrushing Tutorial: www.youtube.com Photoshop Eye-liner Tutorial: www.youtube.com ————————————————————————————————– ————————————————————————————————– Hope it helps and remember to rate, comment and subscribe 🙂 Thanks.
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19 responses to “Full Portrait Retouch Tutorial – Start to Finish! [Lightroom + Photoshop]”

  1. Jimmy Van den Eynde says:

    Really helpful ! I like these longer tuts. Keep em comming.

  2. InfuzedMedia says:

    Thanks :)

  3. arcijay cola says:


  4. InfuzedMedia says:

    Glad it helped and nice work! :)

  5. Stephen Lemieux says:

    I’ve been doing professional photography for a while now; but I usually send clients somewhere else to have their photos retouched. Finally, I’m trying to learn how to do it. Your tutorial was very informative, very well done, and was easy to take notes on to practice with. Thanks for taking the time to make this; it was very helpful.
    You can see some of my work (Unedited as I still am not talented at retouching) at:

    Thanks again!

  6. devonmale69 says:

    To teach you need to say how you came to the numbers you enter, It is clear you have already done the work and have all the numbers . But your not teaching anyone anything like this……………..

  7. beexR says:

    Dont listen to them! English is not my native language and i still understand you. Their english skill must be crap if they dont understand you.

  8. InfuzedMedia says:

    I understand a wide range of people watch my videos and not everyone understands English too well, but it’s just the way I talk. I’ve tried slowing down but I end up speeding up again. I don’t mean to sound rude, but I’ve only had a handful of people say they can’t really understand my videos over the 3 years I’ve been making them. You’ll be best off trying to find someone who teaches in your native language so you can learn more effectively.

  9. KKocaarslan says:

    it is not only native english speakers who listen to you, also foreigners. Why do you speak so fast? i cant catch up with your words. And u are swallowing ur words as well… seriously try to speak slow and understandably

  10. Robin Andersson says:

    Sorry but not so good. Specially the makeup eyeliner… Paint with black instead of desaturate…

  11. InfuzedMedia says:

    Thanks a lot, and thanks for subscribing :)

  12. PSDAndre says:

    very good

  13. InfuzedMedia says:

    No problem 🙂

  14. RenMan406 says:

    Awesome. Thanks

  15. InfuzedMedia says:

    You’re welcome 🙂

  16. George Bugenis says:

    Very useful. Thanks!

  17. InfuzedMedia says:

    You’re welcome 🙂

  18. carlos lopez says:

    Learned something new today, Thanks! :D

  19. morphinephotography says:

    Check my videos!

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