C# Dice Game Tutorial Part 1

C# Dice Game Tutorial Part 1

A very basic windows form application done in C# using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 IDE. This tutorial contains basic toolbox use, setting properties wit…
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23 responses to “C# Dice Game Tutorial Part 1”

  1. Jason Oakley says:

    Bloody good tute, dude!

  2. TAFFYPH7 says:

    Hey dude nice tutorial 😀

  3. Kristen Gogol says:

    Great tutorial!

  4. Swapnil Padwalkar says:

    video is not working after 9 min 44 sec bufferig took place but video is nt played further please solve tht problm

  5. Dresmor says:

    why nobody use fucking hotkeys?

  6. MikeMDev says:

    Glad you found this video helpful. I hope you enjoy the rest of the series as well. Thanks for taking the time to let me know you liked the vid.

  7. Gh0sTCc says:

    Nice work, thanks for this excellent tutorial, keep it up!

  8. Stephen Davies says:

    No worries, as I said kudos for getting going, you can only improve!

  9. Stephen Davies says:

    Well good for you, I didn’t, thankfully we are all different eh?

  10. MikeMDev says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I am new to making tutorials and this was my first. Hopefully, I am getting better as I get more comfortable making them. If you are still interested in creating the dice game, and the videos are not of an acceptable quality, the code for the series is at indiedevelopment.co. Also, I would be glad to help you work through the series and will answer any questions you have. Post a comment on the website or create a thread in the forums and I will be glad to help.

  11. Stephen Davies says:

    Sorry, all the clicking and mumbling, it was very hard to follow either way. good for trying though.

  12. TheSandvichTrials says:

    lbl_Dice1.Image = diceImages[dice[0]];

  13. JMDamon5 says:

    Last one…”I think”. On line 22 and Column 14 its saying “The field ‘DiceGame.Form1.i’ i never used. The line is private int i;

  14. JMDamon5 says:

    Im sorry so much..I have 5 more questions…

  15. MikeMDev says:

    @JMDamon5 – I will be out for the rest of the night and will be leaving here early in the morning until sometime tomorrow afternoon / evening, but I will try to watch for any posts you make to the forums and try to answer any questions you have on my mobile if possible. If not I will reply when I get home. just let me know if you have anymore question / need anymore help.

  16. MikeMDev says:

    @JMDamon5 – To fix the ] error change lbl_Dice1.Image = diceImages[dice[0]; to lbl_Dice1.Image = diceImages[dice[0]]; The for(int i = 0; int < dice lenth (i)++); needs to be for (int i = 0; i < dice.Length; i++) Please, head over to the indiedevelopment.co website and sign up for an account and post up errors and issues on the forums so it is easier to troubleshoot and explain whats going on =). Its hard to answer in the youtube comments and the reply button is still not working here either.

  17. JMDamon5 says:

    It also wants a ‘;’ on line 59 and Column 41…Heres the Code
    for (int i = 0; int < dice lenth (i)++);

  18. JMDamon5 says:

    It wants a ‘]’ on this line…
    lbl_Dice1.Image = diceImages[dice[0];

  19. JMDamon5 says:

    Sorry but I have another question. I’m getting a lot of errors (11). One is a Syntax error. Its expecting a ‘]’ on Line 62 and Column 49. I did everything on the video.

  20. MikeMDev says:

    @JMDamon5 – sorry for not replying directly to your question so that you would get a notification to your account, but the reply button will not work for me on the comments… tried 3 different browsers and no go.

  21. MikeMDev says:

    You can get the images by going to the indiedevelopment.co website (link is in the description). You can find this tutorial series along with the solution files and images if you go to the tutorials section of the navigation menu, look in the C# tutorial section and find the dice game tutorial series. The images are in part 1 of the series on the website.

  22. JMDamon5 says:

    Wheres the dice images?

  23. MikeMDev says:

    Glad to hear it helped, thanks for taking the time to watch =)

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