CSS Tutorial 4 – Positioning Boxes

CSS Tutorial 4 - Positioning Boxes

In this tutorial I introduce you to using position absolute and the ablility to move boxes around the page, alos overlapping boxes, and positioning boxes wit…
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15 responses to “CSS Tutorial 4 – Positioning Boxes”

  1. neil armstrong says:

    or you could use the float element instead.

  2. acdefghl says:

    your are the best mate, i learn a lot from you thank you again .

  3. cashjamesPremium1 says:

    z-index doesn’t work for me

  4. cashjamesPremium1 says:

    you sound like ricky gervais

  5. Brandon Davis says:

    hi, this is a really cool video but when i put a text in the box and try to change the color of it..

    it just dosent work idk why

  6. richardlipp21 says:

    thx that was nice where are you located? Us?

  7. Carlos Zúñiga says:

    Hi, great lesson. I have trouble to center a table in a div; every time I think it is centered it appears out of the page. I will appreciate your help. Tks and regards from Chile.

  8. Vivek Sood says:

    gr888 lesson……..thanks a ton 🙂

  9. Motorcyclebabe11 says:

    Im having a huuuuge problum. I was ticked then you sloved it but now somethings going wrong agian. It seems when I put my box in there the text is behind the box and I actually want my box inbetween the top text and bottom text. How do I do that. X.X please help. X.X

  10. Nick B says:

    THAAANK YOUUU!! This whole relative/absolute stuff was confusing me a bitty! Now it’s spot on. cheers 😉

  11. wrongenvelope says:

    Wonderful tut, I followed along and did the exercise as you explained it. Thank you!

  12. GamingJediPwns says:

    Great lesson 🙂 thanks very much.

  13. sutistalica says:

    ur gr8 man!! ur tutorial is really helpin me !!

  14. ShinyArjun Singh says:

    Nice one, Subscribed.

  15. SheriffPopcorn says:

    so if i had all my elements absolute nothing will move?

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