Combining Images/Composite Photoshop Tutorial

Combining Images/Composite Photoshop Tutorial

Bottle Image: Water Image: In this video we will use simple techniques to combine a couple images. We are actually using a couple image which are pretty difficult to combine and my hope is that you will take a few tricks from this video that will help you with combining images of all types-including those that have transparency in them-form this video. We cover selecting with channels, copying and pasting, masking, burning, and a few other cool little things. Check it out and get started building your own “composite images”! Be sure to check out Check out the blog @ http
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14 responses to “Combining Images/Composite Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. HaTooM AnA says:

    the final image lack something!
    Those bubbles flying over the bottle should have white color for shining!
    they are much dimmmm

    Good tttuuttt

  2. acidchemicalkitty says:


  3. msnemesis2011 says:

    Tutorial starts at 2:25!

  4. javianhall says:

    what is the app called though ?

  5. desertrose0601 says:

    Whoa – I never would’ve thought to make a selection using the channels layer like that – that’s a really powerful option! Thanks for explaining how to do that! 🙂

  6. youR3tard says:


  7. KamikaZero1 says:

    04:58 what do u say on that time ?

  8. omar perez says:

    You guys should check out this videos out they are really helpful

  9. Žiga Strmšek says:

    what u use to record

  10. PostpartumLoser says:

    Wow, and with a sticky-outie-tongue face and all…

  11. PostpartumLoser says:

    Well, not knowing the image you are bringing in or how you are doing it this is what I can say might be the issue. First of all, if the image you are wanting to place is smaller than the other (the first might be huge but reduced for view) then it will be smaller. You can copy and paste it from the *new window* into the one you want. The tabs can be a pallet arrangement setting you can tinker with I think in view?

  12. SuperSneakySniper says:

    Okay PLEASE SOMEBODY TELL ME what is going on with my CS3? ALL I WANT TO DO is put an image on top of another, like 8:51 but when I drag/import a new picture to place it ontop of my existing picture, photoshop decides to make a new window for the new picture and minimize the main picture. WTF!? I don’t get tabs like u, I want the tabs on the top left! (U click on the tabs im talking about at 2:35 to switch pictures) I want that, but mine gives me a new fking window! is it a Setting?

  13. Spellbinder888 says:

    If you want to cut out loads of waffle go to 6.05 !!! Sorry, it is useful but most people just want to know how to put multiple photos into one doc. x

  14. McNeroFTW says:

    Who the fuck buys pictures nowadays? Come on people, Right Click, Save. GET WITH IT 😛

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