Excel 2007 Tutorial 16: Gantt Charts

Excel 2007 Tutorial 16: Gantt Charts

Excel 2007 Tutorial 16: Gantt Charts. Step by step description for creating a Gantt chart.

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18 responses to “Excel 2007 Tutorial 16: Gantt Charts”

  1. Alex Fox says:


  2. Emma Winfield says:

    Brilliant tutorials, so helpful.
    I am fast becoming the Excel Guru at work!
    Thank you Rick! 🙂

  3. mrziz1984 says:

    Thank you it was help-full l!!

  4. Dianne Manhertz says:

    this saved me. thanks so much

  5. Xaldinwinddude says:

    Wow, thanks a ton man, you saved my hide on a project for my class. Much obliged!

  6. VAZGO384 says:

    thanks for the tutorial!

  7. nt hu says:

    To correct this problem, you can type in different dates like “07/10/10”, “06/10/10”, and “08/11/10, etc . The dates will automatically change from general to date format. As you input the data while creating bar chart, they have values… Please note that all the dates you type like “08/15/10”, “09/15/10”, “09/20/10” , etc in the video, they will not automatically change into date format… and therefore you have to change them manually and it results into no value and no bar chart…

  8. nt hu says:

    Therefore, you cannot set up a bar chart if you follow the video… so just take this an example as well…

  9. nt hu says:

    If you type “06/01/10”, it will then automatically change to date like 06.01.10. the format of date depends on your settings. At this point, “06.01.10” has an value and you will see a bar while you inserting data. However, as you will also inserting data like”08/15/10″, “09/15/10”, “09/20/10”, etc, you will notice that there are no bars for these data since they have no value (please be remind that the value are “01/00/00″ for all of the data, i.e. =0”.

  10. sch001b0y says:

    I got lost when creating the chart.

  11. gladiepoo says:

    Wow. Each video keeps getting better and my mind is blown by the functions of Excel. Your videos are simple yet educational! Keep up the good work!

  12. tron6050 says:

    you’re the best!

  13. fahadazam22 says:

    thanks for putting this up

  14. tazvitya says:

    thx dawg! i really appreciate it.

  15. innerwinner1 says:

    This was GREAT! THANKS. The next thing I’d like to learn is how to add tasks that take place during each timeline. For instance, along the marketing timeline can you add more dates and labels for sub-tasks?

  16. Auktoriserad says:

    This was nice

  17. JJTheBigDog says:

    I tried this with Excel 2010. However when I type 06/01/10, Excel changes this all the time to 06.01.10. According to the Microsoft office page an autocorrect-button should appear on the screen, but that’s not the case. Now I hate MS office even more! Thanks for the tutorial though! I go spend some more time on google thanks to this great and very usefull autocorrect-feature ^^

  18. familytart says:

    Awesome! You are the first person to take the time to show how to do it in Excel 2007! Thank you very much!

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