3Ds Max Tutorial – Sky Texture Background Setup

3Ds Max Tutorial - Sky Texture Background Setup

This is a 3ds max Tutorial on how to setup a 3ds max sky background, this tutorial will demonstrate on how to setup a sky background and how it is done in 3d…

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21 responses to “3Ds Max Tutorial – Sky Texture Background Setup”

  1. Abeer Math says:

    nice idea for sky

  2. Gerardo Gorocica Romero says:

    my render is very blue, as I can do so that you do not spend it?

  3. johnny melendez says:


  4. Ahmed Khater says:

    guys this is not an English tutorial .. thanks to the guy

  5. BrsAtay says:

    Thanks for video 🙂

  6. Colin Halter says:

    I counted 3 changes in his accent.

  7. Vivek Patel says:

    nice ~~

  8. 3ds Max Tutorials says:


  9. GoemonSX says:

    Very helpful, thank you

  10. Vlatko Dojchinoski says:

    You are fun and you wanna to give help.. but dude.. You have beginner
    troubles with navigation in 3DS Max. However thanks for the tutorial. Like.

  11. Betsy Manning says:

    thx again.

  12. NitaiNitai108 says:

    Dude, you’re hilarious

  13. bonan huo says:


  14. Crystan says:

    No offense, but this is a horribly presented tutorial. Skyboxes aren’t
    exactly rocket science, and this entire tutorial could’ve been condensed
    into a 5 minute slot.

  15. NitaiNitai108 says:

    short way: Press 8 on your keyboard and apply an environment texture

  16. derekde2 says:

    Doesn’t matter what we do, its gonna stay black, unless! we do something!

  17. Dale Summers says:

    Great i watched this with my five year old sat next to me now she’s saying
    fuck all day…. but hey learnt a lot thanks.

  18. b john says:

    thanks so mach, its help me alot…..

  19. KrisTina McPherson says:

    thank you very much! u saved my project!

  20. Usamah Fagehe says:


  21. Glen Stewart says:

    music made me turn it over

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