HDR Landscape with Lightroom

HDR Landscape with Lightroom

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21 responses to “HDR Landscape with Lightroom”

  1. Stephan Wicki says:


  2. zul klix says:

    nice tutorial..thanks !

  3. birdmanbl says:

    very coool!

  4. itsjessyforreal says:

    you can not do HDR in lightroom

  5. nevbug says:

    I would like the Preset Link also thx!

  6. Jonas Remgård says:

    But the title says it is.

  7. TheDoyleExperiment says:

    link doesn’t work, where do i get the preset?

  8. Stealthful1771 says:

    Sr./ma’am It would be nice to try to keep thing professional. I understand children think there big and tough over a key board. But the real world that wouldn’t work out so well. So your not impressing anyone. language like that just shows your immaturity. Thank you for saying please, but that doesn’t excuse your language at all.

  9. 0megear says:

    Yes but the video title is “HDR Landscape”, which is not.
    Stop arguing like shit please

  10. Denis Strickner says:

    what about the link you told us?? where we can download the cover????????

  11. Stealthful1771 says:

    In the very beginning he said”HDR Looking” He doesn’t say this IS HDR.

  12. MrSiamtravel says:

    Hello what happen with your website?

  13. Vbluguitar says:

    So what your saying is that the files are coming off of your camera with the .dng extension? I have used a rented 5D mark II for several wedding, and all the files from the II were .cr2… I shot in RAW, S-Raw1 and S-Raw2. All of them were .cr2 so I am not sure where you are getting your dngs from. Some people covert their cr2 files to DNG when the have a new camera that hasn’t been profiled yet, like I have to do with my 5D mIII, but its not native.

  14. szakislash04 says:

    i shoot with 5dmark 2,and its dng.

  15. Vbluguitar says:

    No, CR2 is canon raw format. I shoot with a 5d classic, 60d, and 5d mark III. CR2, not DNG.

  16. duabsy says:

    someone help meeeeee, where can i download this preset! website downnnnn

  17. duabsy says:

    would like to download but website is down 🙁

  18. jjdphotography says:

    Nice workflow! Thanks for sharing.

  19. andrew b says:

    wrong most new canon DSLR raw format is CR2, like wise Nikon is NEF. You can convert them to DNG with adobe.

  20. szakislash04 says:

    Canon makes DNG raw files,CR2 is a type of battery for smaller cameras and some film SLR’s

  21. Jose posada says:

    Very good tutorial

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