How to Create an Intro with iMovie Tutorial

How to Create an Intro with iMovie Tutorial

How to Make a Cool Intro in iMovie – 1080p HD Crystal Clear HD Audio Mac OSX 10 Ilife 2011 I am showing you how to create in simple steps easy to follow and if you want me to make you one pm and will discuss it Mac OSx

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7 responses to “How to Create an Intro with iMovie Tutorial”

  1. tehzeek zeek says:

    or command e

  2. Techwarrior300 says:

    Go to share, export movie or share to youtube

  3. starbigbolt says:

    how do u save your intro??

  4. SnakeYamaDamyan says:

    It’s just a sample from the iLife sound library.. LOL but you’re kinda right

  5. SuperMiningCrafter50 says:

    i use screenflow for screencasting 🙂

  6. M1NEGUY says:

    thanks for all the help! id love to subscribe

  7. funkyfish8025 says:

    Great vid helped but I don’t know bout the music

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