How to Make Fireworks in Blender

How to Make Fireworks in Blender

Blender Tutorial: In this tutorial you will discover how to: -Use particles to create a realistic f…

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9 responses to “How to Make Fireworks in Blender”

  1. VFXTerror says:

    Thumb geil`?

  2. Thebestfreez superhd says:

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  3. mar adrian belen says:

    page not found sir

  4. dylenickelwood says:

    Great tut. One of the best I’ve seen lots of tips although it will take me a couple of viewings to figure some stuff out. Thanks!

  5. iRoxproductions says:

    Maybe you should thumb up the fuckin video not your comment…

  6. technikfreak01 says:

    can i use a object with a particle system on it as a particle of a particle system?

  7. TheGPUGuy says:

    thumbs up for 2.6 released in 2012

  8. Dave PSB says:

    Great tutorial as usual. A question: For your particle object, you used a group of a lamp and sphere. Before I watched this tutorial, I naively tried something similar using just a small cube as the particle object. I gave the small cube a light-emitting material. And the effect was quite good (!!). Just wondered if you see any advantages of one method over the other? I can only say that mine seems simpler, but you are the guru and I am a noob. Thanks !

  9. letsfail1 says:

    Smoking lady 😀

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