after effects cs6 flying tutorial for beginners

after effects cs6 flying tutorial for beginners

this is a flying tutorial made in after effects enjoy.

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23 responses to “after effects cs6 flying tutorial for beginners”

  1. Evonte Smith says:

    Thank you so much intrude to do this forever thanks man 

  2. Starzie Horan says:

    Oh really?! I didn’t know that you record your self with a camera? Idiot

  3. addicooldc says:

    The only fail is that your shadow disappears 

  4. Djordje Pejcinovic says:

    How to save video???

  5. chris carpente says:

    evary one piss off and dont be so arigent u fucking pricks

  6. Nathan Brady says:

    Holy fuck you need to work on you’re videos way to much repeating the same
    fucking word or sentence 3 to 4 times 

  7. Autocon04 says:

    Nice tutorial really helped me, one tip though work on not saying the same
    thing over and over again. Other than that great job

  8. TheArdeam says:

    Thanks man you helped me very much.

  9. MARK HARPER says:

    Is there like an echo or is this guy actually repeating himself that many
    times??? I feel like I’m going mad!!! I really do appreciate you posting to
    help people but could you possibly do a shorter version, without the
    repeating or just edit this one. You have some great knowledge but people
    must be going out of there mind….
    Please could you edit out ALL the Om’s too. Much love.

  10. JEDmovies 1 says:

    it wont work for me I tried so many times

  11. Jared Seymour says:

    man why doesnt anything work for me

  12. Ayam Goreng says:

    can this be done using cs4 ?

  13. Mhonzs Irallam says:

    i am new user of this program, your tutorial really helps. Thank mate! just
    one question if my clip was recorded in a wide screen format, it will be
    the same format once I added the effect? tried last night but when I was
    viewing it, looked like in was 4:3 ration. Any help please….

  14. KD Visuals says:

    I like this mate well done!

  15. Hawk Danial says:

    you are EPIC!

  16. MaconWall15 says:

    Very helpful. Just picked up Adobe Premier and After Effects and am trying
    to learn as much as I can.

  17. RATEESH JUNEJA says:

    cant we keep him in the air and perform a action eg(kamehameha) please tell

  18. bhawani niroula says:


  19. j. Aburoomi says:

    tutwial lol XD thanks for the tutorial

  20. Besi Padat says:

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    ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
    ███████████████████]. /▌ all over youtube so he can take over Youtube
    ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / Bob is building an army.

  21. klattermus1 says:

    hey man! nice videos! :). but is it possible to do your cs6 tutorials in
    the cs 5.5 AF? becuse thats the one im using 🙂 

  22. Mike Cuber says:

    fuck off dont work 

  23. I-Tech Reviews says:

    Like A Supahewooooo Lol xD Thanks For The Tut.

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